Mar 31, 2009

Spring Gala sets it sights on a new crowd

by Danielle Talbert

Spring is enveloping Liberty once again, which brings with it an air of excitement as Liberty’s juniors and seniors gear up for a night out on the town at the Spring Gala. Formerly known as the Junior/Senior Banquet, this year’s Spring Gala will be held Friday, April 24 at Amazement Square to utilize the local wonders of artsy downtown Lynchburg. The festivities will begin at 8 p.m. and continue on until 10 p.m.

The theme of this year’s gala is what Alese Chandler, associate director of student activities, described as “soho chic.”

“Prom is something of the past, and party dress formal is totally acceptable. I want people to be creative with their own style,” Chandler said. “It depends on the students to make this truly what it should be.”
This year is only the second year that the Office of Student Activities has sponsored the gala. In previous years, the banquet has been very formal, with girls wearing prom dresses and guys donning tuxes. This year will incorporate a fresh new vibe, as the art gallery ambiance sends the evening into an untailored menagerie of hors d’oeuvres from the local catering company, Father’s Table, and a live musical medley by Andy Davis.

Last year’s theme, “Black and White in Vogue,” was a set theme with matching formal attire. The hope for this year, according to Chandler, is a more casual feel mixed with an artsy atmosphere.

“Attire is not as it use to be. Girls don’t need to be elegant but more ‘soho chic.’ Same with the gents. We want to see fedoras and scarves. They don’t need to rent a tux, but rather find a snazzy thrift store three-piece suit or jacket with a studded belt,” Chandler said. “If anything, let’s call this funky, let’s call it hipster, let’s call it to each his own. We don’t want to see tuxes unless guys really want to. We don’t want to see down to the floor sequins unless girls really want to.”
An added perk to the event is extended curfew for those students who live on campus.

“The time is not yet confirmed, but it is expected,” Chandler said.
Previous years saw around 600 students in attendance. However, the limit for this year is 350 spots, all of which are expected to be filled.
“I went two years ago,” senior Stephenie Chatman said. “… I got to dress up, (and) the entertainment was great.”

“I’m not yet a junior, but I’m excited for next year’s gala.” sophomore Lanisa Shetterly said. “It’s definitely something different to do.”

The tickets cost is down from $50 to $25. Tickets may be purchased online through the Student Activities Web site or in the Student Activities Office. Tickets sold from the Web site can also be picked up at the office. Ticket sales start at the end of this month. Any questions can be emailed to

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