Oct 6, 2009

The Way I See It: What women wish men would wear ­

by Karissa Sechrist

All right, fellas. The fact of the matter is, you could look so much better if you knew how to dress better. This is a
recent observation of mine, and I am not alone. My roommate agrees. So, I am writing to the male race to inspire you, to push you and to send you on to greater things (and greater jeans).

1. You are a man now. That means your mom does not choose what you wear (No offense to moms out there). It is not metro to have your own fashion sense. It is manly. And it could bring you up at least three points on the attractiveness scale — probably more.

2. Are you wearing pink? Please stop.

3. Skinny jeans are for women. Did you hear that? Shall I repeat? Skinny jeans are for women. Do not flaunt the fact that your thighs are smaller than mine. That is just sad.

4. We know you love your favorite sports team. That does not mean that you need to wear gear with their name all over it, all the time.

5. Let’s discuss light colored jeans. Don’t wear them. Ever. Darker is always better. Just throwing that out there.

6. Leave your shirt untucked, pretty please. Unless you are wearing a suit. Don’t ask me why, just believe me, and don’t tuck it in.

7. Throw away your white socks, unless you are
playing sports.

8. Are those your boxers I see? Wow, that is so hot — not! I mean, what are you thinking?

9. You do not have to button your shirt up to the very top. Take a breath, it’s OK.

10. Ratty t-shirts are for while you are working. Not for

11. It does not matter who you are. More than likely, anything pastel is so not your color. Now, if you want to look ill so you can skip class or get extra personal space on the bus, then pastel might be great. But if you are trying to dress to impress, move on to something else.

Contact Karissa Sechrist at kssechrist@liberty.edu.

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