Apr 7, 2009

From the Desk

by Amanda Baker, EiC

The Office is one of my favorite television shows. I am a huge fan of dry humor, and combined with awkard silences, practical jokes and office drama, the show creates considerable entertainment on a Thursday night. My enjoyment of the show overflows to tangible references, as two of my walls are adorned with The Office-themed memorabilia (come visit if you want to take a tour). The funny thing is, I can relate to a lot of the idiosyncrasies that are portrayed in the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, because my home away from home is an office inside an office. The Champion office, that is.

Pranks are pulled all the time in DeMoss 1035. During the Christmas season, our senior design editor decided to put up a fake tree and adorn it with two million twinkly lights. It was pretty, until I opened my office door one day in late January to find the tree taking up most of the space inside. Needless to say, it showed up in the prankster’s office soon after. Jim Halpert would be proud.

The Champion office is filled with people from all areas of talent, wit and personality. The opinion editor is a self-proclaimed “compulsive storyteller,” and does whatever he can to make life more interesting and off-the-wall. I mean, when I get a text that reads, “Bake-It, report to the Champion office and bring us food. Natalie is going into a berserker hunger rage,” I can only wonder if the office will still be standing when I come in to mark up second edits. He also has a not-so-secret obsession with leprechauns, which is always cause for laughter whenever they pop up in one of his articles.

Mrs. Huff, the Champion adviser, is a wiser version of Michael Scott, the Scranton office manager made famous by Steve Carell. If a story is marked up with purple pen, it is understood that it crossed her desk at some point in time. At any time during a production day, she can be heard saying, “What can I look at?” or “It’s six o’ clock! Why is this page blank?” Another common exclamation is, “Tiiiiiiim!” for all the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph.

However, our office is almost like a family, too. On my birthday, the staff surprised me during a meeting with a huge cookie cake that read, “Happy birthday, Baker.” This was an awesome surprise, and the sugar definitely livened up the meeting quite a bit. We are there for each other when one person gets a bad grade, scores an internship or is mourning the implosion of his March Madness bracket.

So, whenever you walk into the Champion office, be sure to glance at the “Office” placard that the news editor affixed to the front and center of the door. You might not leave the same as you were when you entered.

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