Jan 20, 2009


by Amanda Sullivan, Life! Editor

 The new movie Bride Wars deals with two life long best friends, Liv, played by Kate Hudson and Emma, played Anne Hathaway, who share the same dream of being married at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in June. Both friends’ boyfriends end up proposing around the same time, leaving both girls engaged. The girls schedule a meeting with renowned wedding planner Marion St. Claire, played by Candice Bergen. Claire informs the women that she has three dates for the Plaza available in June – two on June 6 and one on June 27. The brides-to-be select opposing dates so that each girl may be the other’s made-of-honor. Through a clerical error, Liv and Emma’s wedding dates are scheduled on the same day. The altercation leaves the friends in a fight for the perfect wedding.

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox for an interview with 40 colleges around the United States. Hathaway and Hudson share information on producing the film, and tap into their inner “bridezillas.”

On Producing Films

Kate Hudson
I do not have a particular method for choosing which movies I produce. In terms of movies that I have in development now, they run the gamut of all different types of genres. I felt that this one was, because of the nature of people and how people like to make comedies, and this being such a really nice concept, this one was a nice one off the bat for me to be able to get going. It was a five-year development process, and now I think we’re about six and a half years (into the production of this) movie.

Anne Hathaway
I think (producing) is something, theoretically, I find appealing, but I’ve never felt compelled to do it up until now. I think, like Kate was saying, it’s a long process producing something, developing something, so I’d like to make sure that it’s a story I want to tell. To be honest, if I produce, I most likely wouldn’t act in it though.

Favorite Underhanded Trick in the Movie

Kate Hudson
I have to say the tanning salon was fun. And part of it was on that day, I wore what Liv’s version of a disguise is, and I walked in, and what we would do is every time we did a take, I’d do a different character. As a kid, sketch comedy and improv was really what I liked to do, … I really love to get down and dirty in that kind of stuff. And so for this particular scene, I literally was a Russian girl. I came down with some weird like version of an Eastern European girl. I did a southern belle. I did all sorts of different characters, which hopefully will be on the DVD, because we had a good time doing that. It was really fun..

Anne Hathaway
I think my favorite one she pulled, because it was the meanest, was the weight gain. That’s low. That’s something that girls don’t do to each other. I know how hard I have to work to lose that last five pounds, so to kind of mess with that I think is wrong. But it’s kind of fun to think that Emma was driven to such a point of desperation that she could justify it to herself.

On Character Similarities

Kate Hudson
For me, the similarities for with her are just kind of understanding somebody who is driven to like – if she wants something, she’s going to get it. The one thing I don’t relate to about Liv is that she’ll go to whatever lengths to get it, and I have a stopping point.

Anne Hathaway
I could relate to the fact that Emma is much happier keeping the peace than causing a ruckus. I could definitely relate to that, but just as Kate has a stopping point, I have my boundaries for what I will put up with, and where I’ll hold my tongue is a lot earlier than Emma’s. It kicks in earlier, so I think that I’m happier stepping back, but I also don’t let people walk all over me.

On Wedding Fantasies

Kate Hudson
My parents weren’t married, and we were always like “why aren’t you married?” And we had it so ingrained in us that you didn’t need to sign a piece of paper to say that you’re a family or that you love each other. So that was how we were programmed. Then, of course, I meet Chris, and I’m like, “I’m getting married!” And then all of a sudden I got really excited about it. So for me it was really more about who was going to be the guy that I would spend the rest of my life with, who would be my partner. And then when I met that partner, I was very excited about possibly calling up Vera Wang and seeing what she could do for me.

Anne Hathaway
I think that I, in my fantasy, was like, well, Leonardo DiCaprio and I will meet at some point, and he’ll just see me walking down the street and fall in love with me, and that’ll be that.
It was kind of a vague notion, and I just assumed that Leo and I would find some kind of happy medium between our two aesthetics, and have a glorious wedding. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, however. So my fantasies have taken a left turn.

On Each Other

Kate Hudson
One thing I learned about Annie is that she is absolutely fearless. We’re kind of similar in that way, …we’re very open and honest about the things that are going on in our lives. Anne is a tough cookie, and I think I learned professionalism that goes with living your life and going through things, and showing up. And Annie really shows up. That was a nice thing to watch.

Anne Hathaway
Thank you! I think that applies to you. I don’t think that’s something you have to learn. One of the things that I learned from Kate was she does something which is so incredibly rare in an actress, … able to find the balance between being professional and having fun. And sometimes I can get lost and mired down in kind of the professional side things and Kate just – without sacrificing any of the work, without taking it any less seriously than anyone else – manages to just bring a sense of fun to absolutely everything.

I think I kind of assumed that I needed to torture myself in order to produce good work, and I just learned from Kate that you can produce spectacular work, as she does in this film, without going through that process. So that was a key thing for me to learn. I’ve been trying to have more fun. I’m getting a hug from her right now! I just always knew that Kate would be like a great mom and everything, but I had no idea what a spectacular mom she is. And Kate is exemplary in just about everything she does, but I think the thing she is best at is being a mother. That’s rare, and that’s something that is really spectacular.

Tapping into Their Inner “Bridezilla”

Kate Hudson
I tapped into my inner bridezilla by, acknowledging and watching some of my friends go through some stuff, and understanding the stress of it myself when I got married I think the other thing is just as females…We get really worked up. We’re very emotional creatures. And sometimes you can get a little carried away. So for me, with this movie, it was so fun to be able to make fun of ourselves. I think girls get crazy, but we can also laugh at ourselves really well. We don’t get the opportunity to do that very often in movies, so it was really fun to be able to do it with something as important as your wedding day to a lot of women. So for me, it just felt sort of like you can tap into all of those things from all of the things you’ve learned as a girl throughout the years.

Anne Hathaway
Imagination. We’re human beings, so I think we understand what it’s like to be jealous. What it’s like to be competitive or catty. Maybe we don’t indulge those feelings. Maybe we try not to live in that world, but I think those urges are understandable. So I think having experience with that kind of helps. But also, the script was so great in providing a logical emotional backstory for the characters to explain why they go off the deep end the way that they do, why this war was in some ways a long time coming. So there was a certain freedom that the script gave us because it was grounded in truth.

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