Mar 3, 2009

Q & A with Falwell, administration Thursday

by Abby Armbruster

The officers of the class of 2012 have pulled together a team of administrators to hold a question-and-answer symposium for students. The session, which will be held in the Towns Alumni Lecture Hall on March 5 from 4:30 to 6 p.m., will be broken into two panel discussions. The event is an attempt to provide clear communication between the administration and students.

Timothy Leong and Elizabeth Baldwin, the freshman class officers, had one initial reason for the question-and-answer session.

“We wanted to put together the symposium because we feel that a lot of the students have questions that have remained unanswered,” Leong said. “We want to create good communication between the students and the administration, reducing the amount of confusion among the student body.”

Students can suggest items of interest or submit questions directed toward a specific administrator through Liberty’s Web site.

Brandon Camp, a freshman commuter, thinks the online submission was the smartest decision to aid the session.

“Right now, that’s one of the most effective ways (to reach students),” Camp said.

Freshman Beki Eisenprout is interested in attending so she can see what other students are concerned about.

The night will begin with a speech by Class President Baldwin, followed by questions directed toward a panel featuring Elizabeth Van Wingerden, marketing manager of Liberty Dining; Timi Plyter, of the Student Advocates office; Robert Ritz, executive director of Financial Aid; Dane Emerick, senior student care pastor; and Melany Pearl, director of the Center4ME.

Financial Aid is one thing Camp believes needs to be addressed.
“I have to go to five people to get one answer. They need to know more of the answers (instead of) referring me to someone else,” Camp said.

After 30 minutes of question and answer, the second panel will be available to students. The second panel will consist of Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.; Lee Beaumont, the director of Auxiliary Services; Colonel Richard Hinkley, the chief of police at the Liberty University Police Department; and Provost Dr. Boyd Rist, the vice president for Academic Affairs.

Freshman Joy Heddleston said she would ask the administration why new construction projects are being worked on when improvements to current buildings could be done at the same time or in lieu of the new construction.

Eisenprout said she would direct her question toward Hinkley.

“I would probably ask what he’s going to do to make Liberty an even safe(r) campus,” she said.

According to Leong, some questions have already been submitted for the event, but he hopes for an increase in questions due to the online submission process.

One such question is, “What plans are being worked on to increase the resident capacity of the university as well as the standard of living in the dorms?”

Though Leong said he is hoping to build off of the question-and-answer session for the future, Camp agrees that the session should not be a one-night affair.

See Liberty’s Splash page for more details or to submit questions.

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