Feb 5, 2008

Radio Station is now streaming online

by Claire Melsi
Not having a radio is no excuse to miss listening to Liberty University’s student-run radio station, 90.9 The Light. TheLightOnline.com, which gets about 1,200 hits per week according to station manager Jamie Hall, was recently revamped to provide more fun and entertainment than ever before. “We try to provide an entertaining place for people who want ‘radio you can see,’” said Hall, who has been managing the program since 2000. “We are adding more and more content, including clips of our shows, photos from around campus and news stories.” “In this day of instant information, we want to be more than just a radio station. We want to provide material beyond that which will benefit our listeners and further our ministry.” The site began streaming live radio about three years ago. Prior to that, the only live programs were occasional sporting events. Recently, sound quality of the stream went to the next level with a new 48 kilowatt-hour bit stream. The Light Online also continues to boost student interest with the addition of new sections, such as the comics page. Paul Watson, the assistant Web manager since August 2007, came up with the idea for the section. Anyone may submit cartoons to the station for a chance to be published on the page, which is updated a few times a month. The Web site is gaining momentum thanks to the new changes. “This year, we’ve completely revamped the entire site,” Assistant Web Manager Paul Watson said. “Now we have newscasts, interviews, comics, weekly and daily updates, the Charity Challenge, better live streaming and an improved look. What we have done has changed the way the site used to be run, setting the bar for the site’s future. We have taken an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach, which I think has helped us give people a better site that they will want to check often.” The site also serves as a center of prayer for those in the community, according to Assistant Manager and Production Editor Sean Langille. “We do offer a section on the Web site for anyone in need of prayer to get in touch with our station chaplain, and as a station, we are committed to praying for those individuals,” Langille said. The Light team has been working to reach the hearts of Central Virginians and beyond since its start in February 1980. The station reaches a wide spectrum with a variety of Christian genres from country to rap, which appeals to people with a number of tastes in music. “I believe that 90.9 provides a Christian alternative to the immoral and ungodly trends in mainstream music today in a relevant way,” said Justin Day, the assistant production editor. “Music is a powerful thing, and the best thing we can do with that power is point people to Christ.” Contact Claire Melsi at cvmelsi@liberty.edu.
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