Club becomes home for gaming

Video game enthusiasts seek to provide the opportunity for students to fellowship through friendly competition

Whether you are into Mario Bros. or Halo, the Video Game Club seeks to offer a unique outlet for every gamer at Liberty University.

Challenge — Students participate in a gaming tournament. Photo credit: Mark Tait

Challenge — Students participate in a gaming tournament. Photo credit: Mark Tait

The Video Game Club held its first official semester in spring 2013, according to Samuel Adams, president of the club. It now consists of about 40 members who regularly attend each week. The Video Game Club meets every Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and are in search for a specific room.

“We’re here to form a Christian community of gamers,” Adams said.

According to Adams, while playing video games is the most prominent feature of the club, it is not all they do. They often have discussions about new products and certain industry topics.

“We sit back and relax, talk about the classics and give news about upcoming releases,” Adams said. “It’s pretty casual, down-to-earth.”

Adams explained that the club has several favorite video games that are consistently played from week to week. They include Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Halo and League of Legends.

The club board members bring the game consoles and most of the video games to each Thursday night meeting, Adams said. However, for larger events, he said they post sign-up sheets where people volunteer to bring their own equipment, such as controllers.

There have not been any games prohibited from club meetings so far, Adams said.

“We try to keep things clean, and people don’t generally bring games that aren’t,” Adams said.

According to Adams, the club hosts a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament each semester, and they are hoping to host a League of Legends competition series this semester as well.

Adams said he would like to see the club form teams and compete with other schools in the future. He would also like to start hosting Halo tournaments.

However, there is one future goal he said he is especially excited about.

“We’re also planning on hosting a convention, basically like a Liberty Comic-Con,” Adams said.

According to Adams, he would like Vic Mignogna, a Liberty graduate and video game voice actor, to attend. He said Mignogna’s presence would draw many anime fans to the convention.

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