Women’s field hockey travels overseas

Liberty student athletes carry the gospel to Uganda on a missions trip

Lady Flames field hockey players and coaches traveled to Uganda this summer with the purpose of spreading the gospel.

According to Erin Dombach, a sophomore field hockey player, the team spent more than two weeks of the summer distributing clothing and starting sports clinics overseas. The Center for Global Engagement supported 18 students and supervisors in fulfilling the commission of Christ abroad.

The team engaged with the community in Uganda through soccer, tennis and field hockey.

“We wanted to give the kids a safe environment and also introduce field hockey to them,” Dombach said.

According to Dombach, it was an chance to get out of her comfort zone.
“You think that you’re going to help them, but really they end up strengthening you. It was humbling because the people had so much faith, and they had so little,” Dombach said.

Missions — Uganda is located in East Africa, landlocked between Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, Congo and Tanzania. Photo credit: Abigail Bock

The team ministered to the people of Uganda through the use of biblical performances. Some students were able to tell their testimonies with the help of translators, according to Dombach.

“We can be a blessing financially and care for their needs, but we can also be a blessing by showing and sharing the gospel with them,” Sarah Gipe, a sophomore field hockey player, said.

Many Ugandans responded to the gospel in a positive way, according to Dombach. The team saw a large amount of children in sports clinics dedicate their lives to Christ.

Dombach also said it was a dream for Head Coach Jodi Murphy to travel to Uganda. Murphy founded the non-profit organization Hockey Pathfinder. The organization aims to teach field hockey internationally in a welcoming environment.

The team traveled to rural areas of the country where it was able to give financial support that was raised before the trip. Student athletes supported people who sell beads with no other way of earning income, according to Gipe.

“I think that missions are something that everyone should experience, regardless if God’s calling you to missions or not,” Dombach concluded.

Dombach and Gipe encourage Liberty University students to go on at least one missions trip during their college years.

For more information, visit liberty.edu/academics/globalengagement.

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