Entertainment Law Society kicks off

The Liberty University Sports and Entertainment Law Society held its inaugural meeting at Liberty’s School of Law, April 19.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from several individuals who were influential in the making of “Day of War,” a film based on Cliff Graham’s book of the same title about
King David.

Ken Herfurth, a financial patron of the movie, joined the meeting via Skype to answer legal questions from students. He also encouraged those in attendance to let their Christian motives show in the secular world.

“Be authentic in your faith, be authentic in your relationships, and bring that forth in the way you do business,”
Herfurth said.

“I was really glad that we got to Skype with one of the financial partners, because he could answer a lot of our questions about the legal aspect of it and just what people like him look for in lawyers, so that we know how to make ourselves marketable to these fields,” Paige Wells, the Sports and Entertainment Law Society co-founder, said.

Justin Torrence, a promoter for the “Day of War,” was present at the meeting to talk about the fans’ financial impact on the movie.

According to Torrence, much of the financial support for the high-definition film came from its fans. Torrence claimed that the “Day of War” is the most heavily supported independent film on the popular fundraising website, Kickstarter.com.

According to Torrence, the “Day of War” team is currently constructing the largest studio in Hawaii and developing schools and other resources to create a family atmosphere in the movie-making industry.
“The lifestyle we’re selling is one that brings honor and courage,” Torrence said.

Along with creating a family environment, Torrence said that his team will work to establish a Christian film industry that will endure for generations and impact Christian cinema for years to come.
“It’s not about a film or even a trilogy,” Torrence said. “It’s about a movement that God’s starting. We’re not just fighting for one film. We’re fighting for an entire future.”

“I really enjoyed the passion that these guys had for pursuing the entertainment industry with such a Christian worldview mission,” Wells said.

Along with her fellow first-year law student John Maghamez, Wells founded the Entertainment and Law Society.

“There was a lot of interest in (the society) in the first-year law students this year, and a lot of us really want to enjoy this aspect of law and have a lot of passion for it, so we have kind of worked together and started this to try to get it back off the ground,” Wells said.

According to Wells, the new society’s constitution has been approved by the Student Bar Association, and the society will become official once the document is approved by faculty.

“We just want to have a way for students who want to go into the sports and entertainment law field … to be able to talk about different issues that are going on in sports law … and see ways to move forward with a Christian worldview,” Wells said.

For more information about the Entertainment and Law Society, email pmwells@liberty.edu

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