Liberty honors Israel

Pastor Scott Thomas of Free Life Chapel in Lakeland, Florida, was the featured speaker for Liberty University’s second annual Israel Emphasis Week. The event which was held at the Liberty University School of Law in the Mountain View Room, was themed “One Night with the King” and would be held specifically to honor and show support for the nation of Israel.

Thomas is a strong supporter of the nation of Israel and speaks at many different events to promote prayer and support for the nation. Tickets for the event were available on the Liberty Splash page for five dollars for students and 10 dollars for adults.

Supporting Israel — The second annual Israel Emphasis Week included numerous events. Photo credit: Ryan Perry

“It’s an exciting journey,” Thomas said describing his work to promote support for Israel. “We want to raise up a new breed of leadership.

While Thomas is the senior pastor of Free Life Chapel, he travels frequently to promote his understanding of the importance of being pro-Israel to students on college campus’ and in Washington D.C. Thomas expresses that his biggest concern over the people that he talks to is the lack of knowledge on the subject of Israel.

“I want to enlighten and educate,” Thomas said. “I am a Christian who sees this as part of my faith. Just like praying, reading my Bible, trying to live right, and being faithful to my wife, supporting Israel is just part of my faith.”

Thomas explains that throughout the scriptures we are commanded to support Israel in five specific ways. The first is to bless Israel as a nation with our time and resources. The second is to pray for the nation of Israel and its safety and prosperity. Thomas explains that as Christians we are called to comfort, speak out, and give to Israel as well.

“When I first went to Israel in the early 90s, my heart just went crazy,” Thomas said. “Visiting the nation and seeing the people made my faith make sense. I had to do something.”

Since that time, Thomas has worked tirelessly to stand up for what he feels is his calling to educate a not always willing people group the importance and blessing behind supporting Israel.

“I run into a lot of people who don’t care or are just disinterested in learning about Israel,” Thomas said. “People also don’t want to repent and relearn their theology.”

Thomas continues to passionately work to educate Americans on the issues Israel is currently facing and how they can get involved today. Specifically for college students, Thomas suggests joining Christians United for Israel and learning to be as informed on the issues as possible.

“So often people rely on just the scriptures to defend themselves, but we are often interacting with people who don’t know scripture,” Thomas said. “We have to deal in the real world and factually correct.”

Thomas encourages all people to practice support of Israel and promotes that God is faithful to those who heed this commandment sprinkled throughout scripture.

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