Empowering Women to Change the World

Songs of “A Global Hallelujah” resounded inside the sanctuary of Riverdale Baptist Church in Upper Marlboro, Md. Smiles stretching from cheek to cheek portrayed the enthusiasm of the children singing about Jesus.

Kick starting Tour of Hope, a women’s movement through World Help, Children of the World energized this crowd of women through their concert. Noel Yeatts, vice-president of World Help and founder of Tour of Hope, hosted the tour’s first all-day conference at Riverdale on October 23.

Desiring to do something that would target women in the United States, Yeatts founded the cause. The purpose behind Tour of Hope is to educate women on the various ways they can get involved in changing the world. Their slogan for the movement reads “Empowering Women to Change the World.”

“Part of the inspiration for this movement is to inspire women, as I believe they are the ones who distinctively feel passionate about things we, World Help, are doing,” Yeatts said. “We want to reach a different kind of woman who wouldn’t naturally want to go to one of those conferences or simply wants something more. We want to reach the kind of women who want to make a difference and be action oriented.”

Partnering with World Help, Liberty University organized a bus trip for women that were interested in being a part of this movement. Rebekah Gregory, Director of Women’s Ministries, led the group of 20 Liberty women along with her co-leader and resident director Anna Cribb.

“I think this was the perfect size to attend because of the powerful conversations that were able to happen,” Gregory said.

The conference was full of various speakers sharing their stories, talking about their individual ministries and sharing words of inspiration through the Scriptures for the women who attended. Leading worship for the conference was Chrystina Fincher and her band.

“It was really eye-opening to see how unlimited women in today’s society are,” senior Trudy Mohammed said. “If a woman is in tune with God’s Spirit, there is no limit to what he can do through her.”

Yeatts, founder of Tour of Hope; Danita Estrella, founder and CEO of Danita’s Children in Haiti; Lindsay Tarquinio, founder of LUO in Africa and Jo Saxton, director of the 3DM movement served as speakers at the conference.

Speaker Rani Hong also shared her story of living as a former slave in India. Hong acts as a U.S. American Embassy speaker for the Department of State and has also appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for her story. In 2008, Hong received the United Nations Human Rights award. She currently speaks out in support for women’s rights and founded the Tronie Foundation, which serves as a place of safety and healing for children victims of violent crimes.

“We wanted to target speakers who weren’t necessarily famous and recognized names but women who were out there doing something,” Yeatts said. “They’re using their gifts and resources to be out there changing the world in their own way.

The women at this conference were not only inspired to make a difference in the world, but they were also given some opportunities to start right away through Tour of Hope’s Marketplace. Opportunities included sponsoring a child, Christmas for an orphan and CauseLife.

CauseLife is a cause promoting the need for clean water around the world. Six thousand children die daily due to unclean water, according to World Help. With water bottles on sale for $15, the women had the opportunity to purchase one, and the full $15 would go to provide clean water to one person for 20 years.

Yeatts and the members of World Help hoped to see 100 bottles sold at the conference to provide clean water to 100 people. By the end of the conference, 96 water bottles were purchased.

“I was so reminded through this conference that God can work through anybody and is working globally,” Gregory said. “There is absolutely no limit as to what we, as women, can do for the Lord.”

“It was fascinating to see how God used ordinary women to make a difference around the world,” Mohammed said. “It makes me realize that God has a bigger purpose for me, and no matter how insignificant I may be to the world, I am identified by Christ…”

By the end of the conference, many women had the chance to build relationships with new faces, participate in the world-changing opportunities offered at the conference and begin to prepare for the future they have in changing the world.

“The realization sets in that we are made for service to the Lord in whatever capacity that comes in,” Gregory said. “Serving others is all of our callings in some capacity.”

For more information about Tour of Hope and to register for their next conference, visit www.worldhelp.net.

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