What: Challenge to complete as many fitness and wellness activities, events and competitions as desired throughout the course of the semester to earn points and win prizes.

Who: Students and LaHaye Student Union Members

When: January 13 - April 29

Prizes: Yes!
           - Top 3 point totals receive gift cards to athletic stores
           - All those who receive 150 points win prizes

MVP Challenge top finshers

Place Name Total Points
1. Josiah Hale 184
2. Joy Villmow 175
3. Heather Overheu 172
4. Pertina Smith 164
5. Lindsey Matson 156

Do Participants have to do all the activities listed?

No, each participant will do as many as they can or want to. The goal is to receive 150 points by the end of the semester.

Where do you keep track of point totals?
Each participant will have a cardstock paper that is kept in the separate Fitness MVP Binder at the Tilley Student Center desk. Each activity must be initialed by the member services staff upon proof of completion to receive points.

How will I get points for various activities?
After each activity listed, tickets will be given to participants that can be brought to the Tilley Student Center desk to confirm participation. For Liberty Mountain Trail Races and the Adventure Challenge, participant race bib will be proof of completion.

Where will standings be located?
Standings will be updated each Friday afternoon on the LaHaye Student Union website.

When will winners be announced?
Points will be calculated on April 30th. The winners will be announced that afternoon.

How can I earn points?
Points can be earned by participating in the following events and activities:
Group Exercise Class - 1 point/class
Personal Training package - 10 points/package (limit 2)
Wellness Series Event - 10 points/event
Flow Workshop - 5 points/workshop
Top Rope, Bouldering, Lead Rope climbing class - 3 points/class
Liberty Mountain Trail Race Series Event - 15 points/race
Adventure Challenge - 20 points
Bench Press Competition - 20 points
Bouldering Competition - 20 points