Biathlon Challenge

Join us for the Biathlon Challenge and see if you can go the distance. This competition is free and open to all students and LaHaye Student Union members. Although it will begin in August, you can sign up at Member Services at any point and start tracking your laps/miles to join the competition. Anyone who completes 300 miles of running, and 800 miles of cycling in the listed time frame will receive a LaHaye Biathlon Challenge T-Shirt. Be one of the few to take on the challenge and have your name posted on LaHaye Student Union website. The winner of the overall Biathlon Challenge will be awarded additional prizes.


  • Contestants can run or cycle as much and as often as he/she would like throughout the competition.
  • The dates of this challenge will not be extended.
  • If the LaHaye Student Union hours of operation change or it temporarily closes, exceptions to the rules below will not be made
  • The contestant will record his/her distance in a log book provided at Member Services.
  • The LaHaye Student Union will count up the recorded distance for each contestant and post competition standings weekly.
  • This is an honor event. You will be recording your own distance so please be honest. If you are caught in any way cheating or being dishonest you will be removed from the competition.

Break down of distances to finish in a semester (15 weeks):

Biking: 53.3 miles per week

Running: 20 miles per week


Place Name Running Cycling Cumulative
1 Baker, Matthew 312 836 1st Place
2 Holt, Jacob 300 800 2nd Place
3 Brandy, Jeff 302 848 3rd Place
4 Smith, Ashley 301.5 816 4th Place
5 Hultstrand, Aaron 250 833.5 1083.5
6 Plasterer, Hannah 237 591.5 828.5
7 Fraser, Ellie 208.5 606 814.5
8 Mackey, Dr. Roger 138.5 401 539.5
9 Young, Elizabeth 165.05 348.5 513.55
10 O'Brien, Jared 108 368.5 476.5

    Matthew Baker - 1st Place

   Jacob Holt - 2nd Place

   Jeff Brandy - 3rd Place