Triathlon Challenge FAQ

Q. Who can sign up for the Challenge?

A. Current students and LaHaye Student Union members

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Member Services desk at the LaHaye Student Union

Q. When can I sign up?

A. Sign starting now and anytime until May 1st, 2013

Q. If I sign up for the Triathlon Challenge, how many miles do I have to swim, run, and cycle?

A. See below

  • Swim 50 miles
  • Run 250 miles
  • Cycle 700 miles

Q. If I sign up for one of the individual challenges (running, swimming, cycling) how many miles do I have to complete?

A. Those who sign up for an individual challenge must double the mileage required for the Triathlon Challenge (i.e. swim 100 miles, run 500 miles, cycle 1,400 miles). 

Q. When does registration end?

A. May 1st, 2013. Joing the challenge and start competing any time before May 1st, 2013

Q. What are the start and end dates for the Challenge?

A. September 3rd, 2012 through May 1st, 2013

Q. Does it cost anything?

A. No, its free to students and members

Q. Are there prizes for winning and/or partcipating?

A. See below

  • Triathlon Challenge - Top 3 finishers get prizes, finishers of the challenge get t-shirt
  • Running Challenge - First person to finish gets a prize
  • Swimming Challenge - First person to finish gets a prize
  • Cycling Challenge - First person to finish gets a prize 

Q. Where do I log/record my miles?

A. Log book at the Member Services desk. 

Q. Do I have to do all my running, swimming, and cycling in LaHaye Student Union facilities?

A. No, you may log miles you've run, swam, or cycled at from any location. Our hope is that this event will motivate you to stay active and fit over the 2012-2013 academic year.

Q. How will you verify if the miles I log are accurate?

A. This is an honor event. You will be recording your own distance so please be honest. If you are caught in any way cheating or being dishonest, you will be removed from the challenge.

Q. Will the standings be posted?

A. Standings will be posted online and updated by Friday each week.

Q. How many different challenges are there?

A. There are 4 different challenges (triathlon, running, swimming, and cycling). 

Q. Can I partcipate in more than 1 challenge?

A. No, you may only choose 1 challenge to compete in.

Q. Where can I view a list of rules and mileage breakdown for each challenge?

A. Rules and mileage breakdown for each challenge are posted on the left column of the main Triathlon Challenge page. 

Q. Can I use fins while swimming?

A. Yes, you can use fins while swimming

Q. If I have more questions about the challenges, who do I contact?

A. Email for answers to any questions you have about the challenge.