June 1 Releases!

May 28, 2018


June is just around the corner, and we’re getting pretty excited about it! June is known to bring about blue skies and warmth (at least here in Lynchburg, that is), as well as some recognizable entertainment.

This Friday, we have some exciting releases in music, movies and television to look forward to. Check them out below!


Ben Howard – Noonday Dream

Natalie Prass – The Future & The Past

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Apart

Roger Daltrey – As Long As I Have You

Ben Howard’s long awaited third album is finally coming out this Friday after four years since his last album, “I Forget Where We Were”. Natalie Prass, singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia, is releasing her sophomore album “The Future & The Past”. Pete Yorn & actress Scarlett Johansson are teaming up for an EP entitled “Apart”, and Roger Daltrey of The Who is releasing his own album “As Long As I Have You”.



All Summers End

American Animals


Nossa Chape

You can read more about each of these movie previews here.

TV Shows:

The Bachelorette (ABC) – 5/28

Arrested Development (Netflix) – 5/29

America’s Got Talent (NBC) – 5/29

World of Dance (NBC) – 5/29

American Ninja Warrior (NBC) – 5/30

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) – 5/30

Check back with us next week for some new releases, and let us know what you think about this week’s at @libertysa on social media!

Disclaimer: Student Activities does not explicitly promote the albums/television shows/movies we write about. As always, we seek to engage with and review what is happening in our culture in order to interact with it in a godly manner, which is why we do what we do. For more information about movies/music that we do promote, check out our FAQ page!

The Enneagram & Why It Matters

May 23, 2018

Written By: Erin Diaz

You’ve heard the word for the past few months/years, whether it’s been in a church setting, school setting, or in a social circle: “Enneagram”. Most people respond to the word the same way that I did when I first heard it, which mostly has to do with butchering the way it’s supposed to be pronounced. Once you get past the easily mistaken morphology of “Enneagram”, the next question posed is usually “what on God’s green earth is that?” The long answer to the question is “It’s a personality test like Myers-Briggs but more in depth about what your motivations are behind the things you do,” and the short answer is “I’ve never had something explain me to myself better than this.”

The Enneagram is becoming more popular in some circles, yet its origin is anything but new. Relevant Magazine’s recent article “The Rise of the Enneagram” states, “Depending on who you ask, its earliest iterations were either in the 1950s or the 1910s, though there are some experts who say versions of it can be found in the writings of fourth-century Christian mystics (and there are some who trace its roots all the way back to ancient Egypt).” The pretty amazing part of why the Enneagram is so cool is that it has adapted to the world through decades of change. No matter how long the world goes on, people will always desire self-exploration and identity, which is why the Enneagram still matters (maybe even more so) today.

As the Myers-Briggs test uses four letters to explain what your tendencies are as a person, the Enneagram focuses on numbers, beginning with one and ending on nine. Although it is easy to think of a scale when you think about numbers, the Enneagram isn’t a scale at all. Each number is distinct in its strengths, weaknesses, motivations and desires. A few months ago, I told my friend (who had no prior experience with the Enneagram) that I felt like she was an eight, to which she responded “Does that mean I’m better or worse of a person than 1-7?” Her thinking cannot be faulted, but it is not a true statement. Within each number there are many different types of people, and the range within the numbers is sometimes classified as “healthy/unhealthy” or “growth/weakness” and more.

I’m no expert on the Enneagram, so I will not be the one to tell you about each number in depth, as there are plenty of people who could do a better job at that than me (check out Typology to start). The numbers, as previously stated, are descriptive of each person and what motivates them in life. When I realized what my number is, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing about myself. I felt more known by the Enneagram test than I had felt by any other personality examination I had ever conducted on myself.

This blog post could easily turn into a research essay about the Enneagram and its ins and outs, but there are some other places that could explain why it’s important a bit more. Check out to take the Enneagram test and begin finding out more about yourself in a way you never have before!

Summer Weekly Release Posts Are Back!

May 21, 2018


It’s finally here, everyone – summertime! Another great Commencement weekend has come and gone, and we’re finally able to park our cars as close to our offices as it gets. Of course, in about a month we’ll be wishing that school was bustling again. What can we say? We like putting on events for you guys!

This summer, just as last summer, we’ll be posting on Mondays to let you all know what’s up with the what’s up for the week when it comes to entertainment. Just as last summer, we will be posting a disclaimer on every blog post that has to do with releases, because we want you to know that we are not promoters for the entertainment itself. There are many reasons why we will not be promoting certain releases, but the main two are as follows:

  1. We are, as always, a department that is grounded on our university’s beliefs. Student Activities’ prides itself on being forward-moving in terms of cultural engagement while also standing on the grounds of our faith.
  2. We are not promoters of entertainment that we have not yet had the opportunity to listen to, watch, hear and pull apart. When we host movie nights, Coffeehouses, concerts and more, there is always a purpose behind anything that we are presenting.

Each week, we’ll be posting releases on our blog that we may have not had an early preview of yet. We take our jobs very seriously as instigators of cultural examination, yet we do not encourage engrossing ourselves in anything that would be deemed by our university as inappropriate or unnecessary. Basically, we’re not talking about culture because we want to be edgy – we’re doing it because it matters. If you want to read more about our mission with engaging culture, check out our blog post here.

With all of that being said, we’ll be back next Monday to start discussing some releases in entertainment. Check back with us then!


Disclaimer: Student Activities does not explicitly promote the albums/television shows/movies we write about. As always, we seek to engage with and review what is happening in our culture in order to interact with it in a godly manner, which is why we do what we do. For more information about movies/music that we do promote, check out our FAQ page!

Senior Highlights

May 14, 2018

There are big things in store for our graduating seniors and we couldn't be more proud of them! Check out what Morgan, Makenzie, Hailey, Zach and Clay will be up to post-graduation.


After graduation, I plan to move back home to Florida. For a couple months, I will work at Disney World as a  Food & Beverage Host. In July, I will start the Compassion Go Program for a nonprofit called Compassion International. This program will allow me to travel the country and become a part of a volunteer leadership team. Our goal is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. I am very excited to gain experience and make a difference in the lives of others! My time as an Event Staff at Student Activities has helped me gain skills that I can apply to my future career. I am so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a part of the SA family these past two years! 



As my time at Liberty comes to a close, I have developed a tangible, love-hate relationship with the question “what comes next?”. The long answer is that I plan to return home to Cincinnati, Ohio and work for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at their psychiatric hospital as a Mental Health Specialist. I also have aspirations to return to school to get my Master’s/PhD in Psychology. However, the short answer to that question is, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my life and I change my mind like I change my clothes and I just made some sort of decision literally yesterday. However, I think that there is something beautiful and exciting about having no idea what I am doing next and I am really looking forward to watching my next chapter unfold!



I’m so sad that my time as an Event Staff has come to an end, however, I am so excited to say that I have officially accepted TWO new jobs!!! This Summer I will be working as a Software Engineering Scrum Master Intern with FireEye, Inc. (outside D.C.), AND THEN— starting this Fall I will be continuing my work with the Student Activities department, but taking on a new position as the Marketing Project Lead while working towards my MBA (which I will begin working on this May). I am so grateful to have spent two years as an Event Staff on SA & am very excited to see where these upcoming job opportunities might lead me!



Being a cinematic arts major has been such a rewarding experience for me here at college. I got to learn plenty about the technical, but what I’ll take away most, is to always humanize your art. I’m very excited getting to take what I learned and getting to apply it my future jobs. The job market in the cinematic world are very different from other jobs be it that I’ll mostly will work from job to job, film set to film set. My plan is to move down to Atlanta (East Coast Hollywood) where I’ll have the opportunity to work as a freelancer, working from film to film. My eventual hope is that after I’m more established, I’ll get an opportunity to tell stories that I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about communicating truth I feel honored and humble that I get use my gift of storytelling to be a part of the most influential medium we have today.   


The last four years here at Liberty have been filled with learning and growing. As my time here as an undergraduate student was nearing an end I realized I wasn’t ready to be done with my college days, so I enrolled in the graduate school. I will be earning my MBA while continuing to work here at Student Activities. My time here at SA has been an incredible opportunity to learn more about myself and grow, both personally and in relationships. While I am not sure what the future holds for me, I know that my time here at Liberty and SA has been preparing me for whatever it may be. I’m not one for planning too far ahead, so for now I am looking forward to summertime here in Lynchburg; drinking coffee, enjoying the hot Lynchburg sun, and spending time with the people who have helped me get to where I am today.

A Trip to San Diego

April 25, 2018

By Makenzie Theiss

Over spring break, I was able to spend the week soaking up the sun in San Diego, California. I had never been  there before and the suggestions from friends were pouring in of everywhere to visit during my time there. It became a repeated theme within those suggestions that I would need to dine on Mexican food at least once during my stay. Much to my delight, once I arrived in San Diego, the Mexican cultural influence on the city far surpassed a few taco places. 

As for a little history on the city, it was a Spanish explorer that first stepped foot onto, what is now, San Diego in 1602. Mexico received independence from Spain in 1821 and thus took control over a lot of land, including the San Diego area. It was not until 1848 that San Diego was established as a part of  the United States, and this was after the Mexican-American War*. The Mexican influence on San Diego, and much of California, runs deep in the history of the city. Apart from the apparent Spanish names of cities and streets, it was easy to see the history in the food, architecture, and art within the city of San Diego.

In accordance with the many suggestions from my friends, our first stop of the trip was to get tacos at a restaurant called Puesto. While I am no Mexican food critic, I can confidently say that these were some of the best tacos I have ever had. However, my favorite Mexican food experience during the trip occurred at a restaurant called The Mission. We ate there for breakfast one morning and it was amazing to not only eat, but also to encounter a different style of breakfast than the traditional bacon and eggs. 

During my trip, we stayed in the heart of the city in the Gaslamp District; and we had the chance to walk to almost all our destinations that week. It was difficult to stroll down a single street and not stop and admire a building dripping with the beauty of Latin-style architecture. On the first day, we planned to walk to the San Diego Zoo, one of the many attractions nestled within Balboa Park. It was overwhelming to consume the intense artistry and craftsmanship of the architecture of each building we passed. La Jolla, home  to one of the most beautiful beaches my eyes have ever seen, was another place that had incredible architecture in every home and building in the area. This remained consistent throughout the duration of the trip.

Another incredible aspect of San Diego that pays tribute to its Spanish and Mexican roots is the art. Within Balboa Park, there is the Spanish Village Art Center. The streets of this little village are covered with brightly colored tiles and hanging throughout the trees are Spanish-style lanterns and flags. The stucco buildings house many different studios and art galleries. In addition to the Spanish Village Art Center, there is Chicano  Park found underneath the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in Barrio Logan, a predominantly Mexican-American and Mexican-immigrant community. Chicano Park has the largest collection of outdoor graffiti in the country. The artwork found inside Chicano Park carried such historical significance that it was deemed an official historic site. This was one of the most incredible places I went to throughout the whole trip because you could tangibly experience and appreciate the history and culture there.

For me, San Diego is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I strongly suggest that you take any opportunity you may find to get out there and experience for yourself the beauty and history that is San Diego.