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Thoughts on "A Black Mile to the Surface"

August 11, 2017

This week, we had one of our staff members, Clay, write about what he's been listening to lately. Read below to see some of his thoughts on a new album by Manchester Orchestra!

"Manchester Orchestra delivered its 5th full-length album and it does not disappoint. The album is reminiscent of their older pieces (such as Mean Everything to Nothing) but with a more matured subject material. A Black Mile to the Surface was strongly influenced by lead singer Andy Hull’s gift of fatherhood and its gravity. Hull and guitarist Robert McDowell worked together to create the soundtrack to the incredibly weird “Swiss Army Man” using only vocals. It is apparent that this played a huge role in the development of A Black Mile to the Surface, with the harmonizing backtracks found on nearly every song.

The album feels like a culmination of all Manchester Orchestra’s previous work. The raw vulnerability of “Shake It Out” meets the magnetic poetry of “Simple Math” to create songs like “The Silence”. The album does not only pay tribute to what the band has become, but also what Andy’s life has become. Songs like “The Sunshine” and “The Parts” lend insight into his love for his daughter and wife.

Beginning to end, the album carries out as though it is one continuous thought. Littered with multi-song progressions that help build crescendos and continuation, A Black Mile to the Surface is the perfect album to make sense of life changes."

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