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2000s Fast Facts

January 31, 2017

As you may know by now, this semester has a lot to do with celebrating the 2000s for we Student Activities folk. Mainly, this celebration began with deciding the Coffeehouse theme, and as the semester moves on we are mirroring this theme throughout our events.

We all have our own image of what 2000s pop culture means, but there is a lot about the decade you might not remember. To start, here are some comparative facts between 2000 and 2009:


Average cost of new house - $134,150.00 

Average income per year - $40,343.00 

Gallon of gas - $1.26 

Movie ticket - $5.39

U.S. postage stamp - $0.33 

Loaf of bread - $1.72 

Dozen eggs - $0.89 



Average cost of new house - $232,880.00 

Average income per year - $39,423.00 

Gallon of gas - $2.73 

Movie ticket - $7.50 

U.S. postage stamp - $0.42 cents 

Loaf of bread - $1.77 

Dozen eggs - $1.34

What we wouldn’t do for gas to be $1.26 again – that is the question. Obviously, costs were increasing throughout the decade, yet somehow the average income per year decreased a bit. Sounds like a pickle to be in, America!

Here are a few other notable events from the 2000s:

  • If there is a single day that is defined as important in the 2000s, it is September 11, 2001, which was the date of the worst terrorist attack in world history. The day shaped not only the decade of the 2000s, but also history for the rest of time.
  • The first iPod was released by Apple on October 23, 2001, revolutionizing the way we listen to music forever.
  • was launched on February 4, 2004, changing the way people communicate.
  • Barack Obama was elected as the nation’s first black president of the United States on November 4, 2008.

As you can remember, 2000-2009 are years that had a profound impact on life as we live it today. When it comes to pop culture from the decade, there is a lot to cover. But we want to leave that to you. Start thinking now about what you want to be remembered about the 2000s, and bring those ideas (in audition or video submission form) to Coffeehouse Tryouts from February 20-24. If you need musical inspiration, you can follow us on Spotify (libertysa) to see our 2000s playlist. We’ll see you soon, Coffeehouse!