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Seven Things to be Pumped for This Semester at SA

January 9, 2017

Spring semester is almost upon us, and you know what that means – events! We’re so excited to have newer events as well as recurring ones that we all love. Between all of your studious activities this semester, we want to make sure that you know why it’s important to spend some time with us here at SA.

  1. Good Music

We’ve already announced our February 18th Ben Rector show at this point, which we’re obviously ecstatic about! Of course, we have some more important performers lined up for you, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for who exactly we have coming ‘round these parts. We also will have four Open Mic nights and a few student concerts that will showcase the best of Liberty’s best.

  1. Movie Nights

We’re pumped to bring you movie nights every month consisting of new flicks, free popcorn and cheap candy. We haven’t announced all of the movies we’ll show yet, but we will do so throughout the semester. Again, keep checking our website to stay in the know.

  1. Newer Events

This semester will include some of your favorite events that we’ve just begun putting on, such as Community Yard Sale and Lip-Sync Battle. These events have not been around for too long, and this makes them even more exciting for us. Their newness surrounds them like a fresh buzz of springtime, sunshine and warmth (which is exactly what we’re hoping for at our Yard Sale!).

  1. Age is Beauty

Whether you agree or not, we like to think so when it comes to our events that have been around for a few years. Events such as Bingo Night, Trivia Night, and Game Night are all back and better than ever. And of course, we always have the most “lit” prizes (you can’t go wrong with a Chipotle gift card).

  1. 2000’s Coffeehouse!

It’s here, finally: the Coffeehouse where you have the opportunity to cynically side-smile a lot, lose yourself in the music, and fellowship. We want to see what you’ve got when it comes to video submissions and tryouts (which are coming up quickly), so start preparing now!

  1. Free Coffee

You know our Student Activities staff – they’re always willing to give out coffee and a smile. You can find us almost weekly at Montview Student Union or at the Library with fun creamers and a hot cup of locally roasted Muse coffee – for free, of course.

  1. Our Awesome Staff

Speaking of our staff, you should be excited to see them around campus this semester. We have a hard-working group of students that are excited about jumping back into events. If you see them around, give them a wave – they really are nice people.

What are you most excited for this semester? Tweet us with the line “This spring, I’m most excited for…” for the chance to win a prize. Ready, set, GO!