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The Thing About Yard Sales

May 4, 2016

written by Erin Diaz

I wasn't a morning person as a young gal (sort of like today), so my alarm clock going off at 6:30 AM would immediately send me into a state of annoyance. This particular alarm clock was going off for yard sale day at my house, which meant I would have to participate in a sort of clothing catharsis. I don't really like getting rid of things, yet I have a mother who loves interacting with people and a father who enjoys nothing more than throwing things away, and that combination led me to being involved with putting on many yard sales.

A yard sale is an intriguing event - ultimately, you are selling items out of your house that you once bought for a much greater amount. Why not sell the clothes on something like eBay or through a store like Plato's Closet? That would be less effort on the seller in multiple ways.

While they could be more work, yard sales are important because aside from getting rid of things that need to be purged from your possession, you are able to interact with so many people. There is something exciting about seeing that an item you no longer have a need for is one that someone else is excited about receiving.

When it comes to buying and selling at yard sales, there is something important not only in being a seller, but also a buyer. I can remember distinct times from my middle school years when my neighborhood would have a community yard sale and I would ride my bike from house to house, finding trinkets I didn't really need and purchasing them. I still remember some of the people that I would see each year, selling their items and striking up conversations with the shoppers. This is what a yard sale is to me: interacting with people and realizing that they can pass something along to you that you never knew you needed until that moment.

With our Community Yard Sale being on May 4th, Student Activities is really excited. We aren't only excited about Mama Crockett's, Golf Park Coffee (love that cold brew), and the awesome items that will be sold. We are excited about the interactions that people will have with one another while they search through and share items. And that's the reason we do what we do - for the fostering of relationships through events, even in a busy time of the year.