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Snow Daze

January 28, 2016

written by Drew Snavely

Being from upstate New York, I am very accustomed to winters with lots of heavy snow. Snow is the reason why I love winter so much, every flake falling and gently resting on top of the last. The beauty of it all is quite breathtaking (well, maybe that’s just the cold). I don’t know if you guys realized this, but Lynchburg doesn’t do the best job of clearing off their roads when a big storm hits. Granted, they can’t really do a great job of clearing off the roads, considering the fact that my hometown that has 2.88 square miles of land area and more snow plows than Lynchburg does (Lynchburg boasts 49.4 square miles of land area). Now you might be thinking, “Oh, great. Another snow snob from the North that thinks they are a professional at all things snow,” and you would be right for thinking that, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is that I love the fact that Lynchburg is pretty awful at plowing the roads, because that means a lot more snow days.

Snow days are great, but what makes them so great (aside from not having to go to class) is the community that comes along with being trapped in your dorm or house for a couple of days. Whether it is building a fort out of sheets, blankets and pillows, which is usually accompanied with binge watching Netflix, or tackling some of your closest friends in the giant piles of snow, snow days seem to bring out the most creative ideas people have just to be able to spend time together and have a blast with friends. It seems like college kids will literally use anything they can get their hands on that could be used as a sled. Exploring new and old places with a foot of snow on top of everything makes you look at things differently, almost with an apocalypse feeling.

Though it might not seem like it at first, there are so many things that you can do on a snow day if you think about it. The most important part about being snowed in is that your friends are with you the whole time. It is so easy to take spending time with your friends for granted, but it is arguable that the relationships that you build in college are just as important as the things that you are learning in the classroom. Are you going to remember the grade that you got in Old Testament or are you going to remember the time you and your friends went drifting through the abandoned streets of Lynchburg? I’m not saying that a snow day is the only time that you should take time to hang out with friends, but it is a great excuse to just forget about your responsibilities for a day and get some quality time with your crew. So take advantage of the free day you have and get involved in a massive snowball fight, or stay up all night watching movies or playing different games, because unfortunately, the number of opportunities you will have to forget all of your responsibilities tend to shrink as you become older.