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Summer In Lynchburg

June 3, 2015

written by Haley Hicks

You may not know this, but Lynchburg is actually a pretty cool place to live, even when the population decreases by 60% and the latest Liberty Campus Band album is no longer blaring through the speakers in the middle of campus. Contrary to popular belief, life still goes on from May to August in central Virginia. If you’re still living in Lynchburg this summer, this is a handy guide to surviving summer in the Burg. And if you’re (un)lucky enough to be miles away from the Hill City, this is a detailed account of what life is like minus 14,000 rowdy kids.

So go ahead, take a look at these 10 great places to explore and things to appreciate about Lynchburg during the summer months.

1. Panera During the school year, you’ll never know the exhilarating feeling of waltzing into Panera only to discover that there is no line to receive your morning cup of coffee, and then being able to choose from a plethora of comfy booths.

2. LOVE Sign Now’s your chance to get the perfect picture to post on Instagram! There are no lines of Liberty girls trying to figure out the best angle or the cleverest caption for their photos at the LOVE sign downtown. So don’t worry, you have no competition on social media in the summer months.

3. Convocation Frustrated with seating arrangements at convo? Be frustrated no more! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the summer, you will have your choice of over 7,000 seats in the Vines Center. 

4. Cookout According to the wise words of Liberty students, “Hunger has no curfew”. On midnight Cookout runs during the school year, you may find yourself wasting away before you can even read the cluttered menu. But take heart: throughout the summer you can walk in and out of Cookout with your prized Chocolate, Cherry, Mint, Bubblegum heart attack in under 3 minutes. 

5. Wards Road Your car hates you during the school year. It guzzles gas due to the constant stop and go traffic that can turn your small trek from Target to the tunnel into a full-fledged 3-hour road trip. But don’t worry, your beat up old Chevy will thank you for driving in Lynchburg when there are 14,000 less crazy kids hitting the road, blaring Trip Lee and Lecrae everywhere they go.

Don’t think these first summer tips are legit? Well, now that we’re done bashing how Liberty has engulfed/swallowed/overtaken/choked Lynchburg culture, here are a few more realistic and exciting ways to enjoy your summer break in the Burg.

6. Historic Home Ever been downtown by the historic Lynchburg homes? You should take a look at the fantastic architecture and history in the city (Hint: this place has awesome photo ops for Instagram). You may think that this is something only your grandma would do, but don’t knock it until you try it.

7. Farm Basket Because Liberty doesn’t have enough coffee shops and cafes, you should check out Farm Basket. Their food and drinks are great, and so is the WiFi, so you don’t even have to worry about not having enough bandwidth to keep up with Parks and Rec.

8. Ivy Lake Going to the beach isn’t a bad option, either. Ever heard of Ivy Lake? It might not be a tropical waterfront, but it’s still pretty good, not to mention that geographically, it’s much closer than a tropical waterfront.

9. Hollins Mill Park Although this view may lead you to believe that I traveled to Northern New York to fool you through this post, this gorgeous waterfall is actually located right in Lynchburg. You should definitely check out Hollins Mill Park if you get the chance. 

10. Food Truck Thursday If you haven’t savored the melt-in-your-mouth delicacies from Mama Crockett’s or the tantalizing and spicy tacos from Taco Shark, you need to plan your schedule better this summer. Food Truck Thursday is one of the most unhealthy and absolutely incredible options for summer fun.

So there you have it. 10 incredible and completely underrated things to do during the summer in Lynchburg. You now have no excuse for hanging out on the first floor of DeMoss or wandering around campus looking for friends. Get out there and enjoy your city!