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Spring 2015 Calendar Overview

January 15, 2015

written by Ross Clevland, Kari Moye, and Drew Snavely

Even though you may still feel like you’re on break, the New Year is here… classes have begun, and you may be wondering how to make this your best year yet.

As the supervisors at Student Activities, we want to help. Resolutions are great, but we all know we need a tiny push to actually follow through with them. Lucky for you, we have been hard at work planning the upcoming semester. We have the perfect events to encourage you in your seemingly impossible quest to keep your resolutions.

You may be thinking, “This year I’m really going to focus on school!” Well, we’re here to provide you with study breaks! On February 6, you can finally beat your roommate in Settlers of Catan at our exciting and competitive Game Night! 

People think the dollar theater is a good deal, but if you’re trying to save a few bucks check out our free movie nights throughout the semester and our Lord of The Rings marathon at the end of January. 

Doesn’t it seem like those Christmas cookies stay with you past the holidays? We have just the events for you! Not only do we have trail races and challenges scheduled at least once a month (the Arctic 5k, Liberty Mt. 5k, Adventure Challenge, and the Charity Run), we will continue to offer clinics and hiking trips throughout the semester to help you get outside and get fit.

For those of you that seek a bit of adventure in your life (or the opportunity for some extreme Instagramming), we have trips such as horseback riding, Wintergreen skiing, whitewater rafting, bouldering, and even a day-long jaunt to Washington D.C. These trips are offered at incredibly low rates, but act soon because registration always seems to fill up faster than you can say “Student Activities is the best.”

So you say you want to be the next American Idol? Why not start at Open Mic? We will be having Open Mic Nights bi-weekly throughout the semester, and we think it’s time you let us hear that beautiful voice you have been hiding in your dorm room. You can also take the next step for your band this year by participating in our monthly Campus Artist Series. Speaking of performing in front of a crowd, Coffeehouse will be on March 21st this semester! This means that tryouts start in late February, which is right around the corner. It is never too early to start planning your act or maybe even gathering creative ideas for your video submission.

And if all of those things aren’t enough, on top of all of it, we are going to have one of our busiest concert semesters ever. We already announced three of those shows – Tim Timmons (Jan. 26), Trip Lee (Feb. 5), and Kirk Franklin (Feb. 13). Would you believe that we still have 5 more concerts to announce? You better believe it. Whether it’s the Vines Center or the LaHaye Event Space, Student Activities has concerts for everyone. 

So there’s an overview of our semester. Go on, try and think of an excuse to not be able to accomplish your resolutions this year.

You can check out all of our upcoming events on our calendar!