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Christmas Coffeehouse Recap

December 11, 2014

written by Chris Misiano

And that’s a wrap! Wow, another Coffeehouse in the books. Christmas Coffeehouse always provides such a great way to end the semester, and this one was no exception. With a record crowd, the Vines Center had even more Christmas energy than normal. The theme this year, Christmas Coffeehouse: At the Movies, allowed for a lot of creativity. From bands to videos to dance acts (check out some here and here), this show had it all. Dylan Stine, our emcee for the last couple of shows, returned again to host and facilitate the game. For two straight hours, we all got to enjoy a great night of music and laughs. 

Here are some of the Coffeehouse stats:

  • 7,926 tickets sold
  • 13 musical acts
  • 3 dance acts
  • 7 videos 
  • 1 host
  • 4 game contestants 
  • 26 Student Activities event staff
  • 84 CSER volunteers 
  • 867 posts on Twitter containing the hashtag #SACoffeehouse
  • 225 posts on Instagram containing the hashtag #SACoffeehouse 
  • 1,798 boxes wrapped*
  • 8 actual cups of coffee sold*
  • 14,983 donuts consumed*
  • 152 suspects apprehended sneaking in backstage*
  • 22,347 Christmas lights replaced*
  • over 3,600 instances of someone screaming ‘Santa!!!’ in their best Buddy the Elf voice*

Thank you to everyone who participated in Coffeehouse. We really appreciate everyone who tried out, the acts who put so much time into rehearsal, and everyone who bought a ticket to come support the show. This is one of our favorite campus traditions. I am very proud of the whole Student Activities team who care a great deal about making Coffeehouse better every time, working hard for months leading up to this event. From tryouts, to decorations, and including the actual event itself, these folks pour themselves into producing a solid show. 

If you want to see some pictures and comments from the night, search the hashtag #SACoffeehouse on Twitter or Instagram. Keep checking back with us for information on our spring Coffeehouse. For now, enjoy your break and Merry Christmas! 

*fake statistic