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Britt Nicole and for KING & COUNTRY

October 29, 2014


written by Haley Hicks

Based on my credibility as an 19-year-old female who has 16 original Spotify playlists, 23 Pandora Radio stations, and 12 unique car radio presets (which after all are the only true measure of musical competency), I am more than qualified to say that the upcoming Britt Nicole and for KING & COUNTRY concert on November 7 will be one for the books.

There is no doubt that Britt Nicole is an extremely talented and multifaceted artist. There is also no doubt that she draws upon many genres and styles in order to (p)raise the roof, so to speak. After all, if you take a listen to her music through the years (she’s been a front-runner since her debut in 2007), you can hear undertones of acoustic, R&B, punk, indie, and even some dubstep amidst the notoriously confining label of “bubblegum pop”. Her anthemic ballads and introspective lyrics round out her more upbeat and light-hearted tracks.

There are a plethora of reasons for virtually anyone to listen to and enjoy a performance by Contemporary Christian Music’s “Golden Girl”, so there are no excuses not to come and see her in concert! And speaking of her latest chart-topping album (Gold, 2012), you can expect to “See for the First Time” many “Breakthrough” songs which chronicle the “Amazing Life” of “That Girl”, whether you’re “Ready or Not”.

Don’t forget that the award-winning Australian duo, for KING & COUNTRY will also be in concert with Britt Nicole. The visionary, poignant, and deeply creative songs by this band of brothers will not disappoint, nor will their delightful accents.

So mark your calendars today, and be sure to grab your tickets early. You better get ready to behold the awesomeness of this matchup, as well as “worship your socks off” with two of the most creative and endearing artists that we are proud to have perform here at Liberty University!

To get more info and purchase tickets, check out our Music page.