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The Student Activities Mission

September 24, 2014

written by Chris Misiano

Have you ever been to the movies alone? For some reason, it feels really different from just watching Netflix at home alone. Even though you generally don’t talk during a movie (unless you’re one of those annoying folks who asks a lot of questions during a movie) it still feels normal to sit and watch with someone. In the same way, it seems better to share a delicious meal or a great concert with someone you care about rather than by yourself. At Student Activities we recognize the value of shared experiences. It is our sincere hope that this school year can be a time when you can attend many of these events and enjoy them with old or new friends.

We filled our extensive calendar with a broad range of events to appeal to various interests. From Open Mic to trail races to Coffeehouse, there is something for everyone. There is value in this variety. Hopefully, you will be willing to try something new or step out of your comfort zone. Each year, it is exciting for the staff to watch people progress from attending our events to participating in them actively (perhaps by performing in Open Mic, Campus Artist Series, the Art Expo, or Coffeehouse). Regardless of what your semester looks like, there will be times when one of our events can provide a time of respite, entertainment, or fun.

We hope that our events can provide an environment for strangers to become friends, for existing friendships to blossom, and for old friends to reconnect. Ultimately, the reason events matter is because relationships matter. Some of the relationships you make while you are here will last a lifetime. We hope to play a small part in fostering them and providing environments for them to thrive.

The Student Activities staff is here to serve their fellow students at Liberty University through our events calendar. Come out, say hi, and let us get to know you. See you at the next event!