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Block Party 2014 Recap

August 27, 2014

written by Brian Shesko

For those of you that were at Block Party 2014, just know it wasn’t rain falling on everyone that night. It was Mother Nature crying because of how awesome NEEDTOBREATHE and The Oh Hellos were. Just crying and crying. For, like, 15 straight minutes.  Good music will do that to you sometimes.

For most of the day, however, the weather was great for the Student Activities Block Party. The crowd of over 7,000 people was energized from start to finish, thanks in part to a great assortment of rides and games. Unless they have severe vertigo or acrophobia, is there anyone who doesn’t like to ride on a Ferris wheel? Strangely, it seems like the same question is true for the mechanical bull (minus the acrophobia); every year we wonder if people will get sick of all that bucking, and every year, the answer is a resounding “no”.

The food options were exceptional this year too, accomplishing our goal of making it as difficult as possible for everyone to decide how to spend their money on food. We were thrilled to have The Canopy Food Truck, Smoke Ring BBQ, and Taco Shark with us for the first time, along with Bahama Sno Shack, Cross Concessions, and Domino’s Pizza. Clubs and Campus Departments were out in full force as well, reminding us, and hopefully everyone else, what a great collection of staff members help make up Liberty University.

Rounding out the night were our special musical guests, The Oh Hellos, followed by the unflappable NEEDTOBREATHE. Almost as impressive as the bands themselves was the commitment of the crowd for NEEDTOBREATHE. Everyone knew the rainstorm was coming, but hardly anyone budged (except the kids who think they were dressed too nice to get rained on – “Bro, let’s get inside, I’m not getting my brand new tank top soaked!”). Nothing felt more appropriate than hearing Needtobreathe play “Washed by the Water” that night. And as always, fireworks closed out our night; they seem to get better every year, this time set off perfectly with the end of the concert, and so a perfect ending to our event. For Student Activities, Block Party is always one of our favorite events, but this year might have been the best one yet.

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