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Preview: Outdoor Rec Fest

February 22, 2018

Years ago, two directors imagined a new kind of event at Liberty University. There were not many festivals at Liberty at this point, especially one that focused so heavily on the arts and entertainment realm of the outdoor industry. Because of this, the directors of Student Activities and Outdoor Recreation created the first ever Outdoor Rec Fest. The festival includes a variety of recreational activities and workshops from a photo expo to art and outdoor skills workshops, to music, tasty food, and so much more!

Here is an interview about Outdoor Rec Fest with a Student Activities Supervisor (Kay Torres) and an Outdoor Recreation Manager (Jordan Tatro):


  1. What are some events that students can look forward to at Outdoor Rec Fest?

Kay – Student Activities is hosting an outdoor-themed Photo Expo, a Movie Night showing Jumanji, a painting workshop and a photography workshop.

Jordan – Outdoor Recreation is putting on a crash pad competition, wilderness survival skills workshop, bird watching and a backcountry cooking workshop.

  1. Tell me your personal favorite highlights of ORF.

K – I love the Photography Workshop because it attracts a specific crowd and the instructors are incredibly talented. The instructors are professionals at Liberty and can teach students of all skill levels.

– My favorite part of ORF is the Expo on Saturday afternoon. I genuinely enjoy observing the interaction between students and vendors. Students have the opportunity to speak with local professionals about specific outdoor skills and products.

  1. What is something new to ORF this year that you are really excited about?

K – Outdoor Yoga is a new event to ORF this year that will take place at Hydaway Outdoor Recreation Center. The yoga class will be led by one of Recreation Centers Group Exercise instructors.

J – This year, for the first time ever, we are hosting a Night Hike on Liberty Mountain with s’mores at the end. Also, new vendors will be at the Expo on Saturday afternoon, along with a Fly Casting Competition hosted by local fly shop: Angler’s Lane.

  1. What is the overall goal of Outdoor Rec Fest?

K – We love the opportunity to work with Outdoor Recreation because we can attract a different demographic of students that would not normally attend our events.

J – We hope that the students will become aware of the wide variety of activities, trips, and tools that Outdoor Recreation has to offer. We want students to feel welcome to interact with the Outdoor Recreation staff and freely ask questions about outdoor skills. There tends to be an “elitist” culture among outdoor recreationalists, but Outdoor Rec hopes to encourage students of all skill levels to try an activity that is offered this weekend.

  1. Why did Student Activities and Outdoor Recreation decide to create a joint festival?

J – SA and OR actually used to both fall under the “Student Activities” department. A few years ago, OR split into its own department, but we still find ways to continue to work together on events. Outdoor Recreation handles the knowledge of the outdoors and loves to share what they have experienced with the student body. Student Activities manages the logistical portion of ORF and adds artistic activities to the fest! We love collaborating on events and hope to attract students from both demographics.

Join us March 9-10 for a weekend filled with festivities – find out more info here!