Staff Spotlight: Erin Diaz

by Robert Johns | October 16, 2014


written by Erin Diaz

I remember the first time I walked into Coffeehouse. It was Christmas of 2012 and spirits were high as there was less than a week left until the long awaited Christmas break. As I walked into the Vines Center, I realized that it wasn't the Vines Center anymore. It was the epitome of the Christmas season for me. As I looked around, I also realized the community I was sitting among – a community of people cheering, laughing, and trying everything they could to get on the jumbotron.

I wanted to be a part of this. I didn't want to just come to Coffeehouse anymore; I wanted to be the one to make the decorations, to judge tryouts, to take down decoration thieves, and whatever else came with it. I wanted in.

I interviewed to be a part of Student Activities a few months later, when it was springtime and plans for the next year were starting to be jogged in my mind. When I interviewed, I had no idea that there were so few actual Event Staff that put on these events. I was hired as a receptionist at first, and six months later was offered the switch to Event Staff.

I never could have imagined the implications of joining the Student Activities Event Staff in January 2014. I was never anything short of included and loved as I came into a group of people with diverse, outgoing and creative personalities. This group of people amazes me to no end - the full time staff who care individually for each staff member, the supervisors who work so hard to make sure every need is met, and finally, the Event Staff itself. Ten months after joining, I realize that, when I think about my life, their faces pop into my mind almost as quickly as my family's. They are more important to me than I ever could have imagined.

I think you really bond with people when you work 20 hour shifts with them. There's something about being exhausted and then seeing a face that you know and hugging that person that lifts spirits like nothing else. We work often and we work long hours, but the time we spend together is always enjoyable simply because we have each other. This may sound cheesy, but I assure you that you can ask any of the 18 of us if this is true and they will say it is.

Student Activities Event Staff is home for me. Walking into the office almost daily and seeing familiar faces smiling at me is the best highlight of my time here at Liberty. The friends I have made on staff are the people I am inseparable with, in and out of work.  Our job is to build and sustain a community of believers that know how to have a lot of fun by providing a variety of events that allow just about everyone to build relationships. And our job immediately reflects what Student Activities is like for those of us who work here: we have become a community of believers that are not just friends, but family.


Meet the Staff - Emily

by Robert Johns | October 13, 2014

Get to know one of our staff, Emily!

Meet the Staff - Thiago

by Robert Johns | October 3, 2014

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Fall Break Camping Trip

by Robert Johns | October 2, 2014

written by Mike Ellsworth

FALL BREAK?  More like “Don’t FALL into the river or your new iPhone 6 may BREAK”!  Well, that’s what some students may be thinking during Student Activities canoe camping trip. Yes, it is true; we are going with 14 students on a 3 day, 15 mile kayak trip down the James River during Liberty’s Fall Break. And even though this trip is full, we still want to tell you about it so that you can try to make it with us on one of our next trips.

We will start on Thursday, Oct 9th at the Arcadia boat launch near Buchanan, VA. We will spend all day enjoying the peaceful river and beautiful mountain views as we paddle downstream. This first stretch of 12 miles offers some easy class 1 rapids and several, fun, class 2 waves. We will spend the evening camping along the river near Glasgow, VA. Friday morning, we will start our day with a big breakfast to prepare us for more paddling. During the day, we will maneuver along the 4 mile river section that slices right through the Blue Ridge Mountains. This segment includes a series of small cascades named Balcony Falls. There are a few technical areas, but is chock full of fun water! We will pull out at the James River footbridge and head back towards camp to play in the river. Saturday morning, we may head to Devils Marbleyard for a day of hiking if we still have some energy!

How can we put on such an adventurous trip, you ask? Well, this trip is all a part of the new outdoor recreational opportunities that we rolled out this semester. We are working to bring students better quality trips with a higher sense of adventure. The best part is that we are able to provide for all your needs during the trip. We provide qualified guides, wilderness kayaks and paddles, PFD’s, food, Kelty tents, Eureka! sleeping bags, Coleman stoves, Eno hammocks, and even the dishes for you to eat on! We won’t need the kitchen sink, but you can bet that we considered bringing one along! The only thing students are responsible to bring are the clothes they will be wearing. 

We are extremely excited to offer more trips like this because we want you, the student, to experience God’s green earth. Whether you are an experienced paddler or it’s your first time on the water, we have something here for you. There are so many journeys to take, let us at Student Activities help you get going on one!

Update: Andrew Belle Concert

by Robert Johns | September 26, 2014

We wanted to give a quick update about the postponement of tonight’s Andrew Belle concert. This morning, there was a fire at a radar facility near O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, where Andrew was flying out of. All flights in and out of the airport were stopped and no timetable given as to when flights would resume. Because of the uncertainty surrounding his travel, it was decided best to postpone the show. We were very excited for this show and are just as disappointed that it needed to be postponed, but we're working hard to get it rescheduled. If you purchased/reserved tickets already, hold on to them! If you are unable to make the rescheduled show, we will work to get you a refund.

Stay tuned next week for the new concert date.

UPDATE: Good news - the show has been rescheduled for October 20! Info here.