Event Staff

Sawyer Casey

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Major: International Relations: Strategic Intelligence

One Thing: I've lived at least twice in 4 different states: twice in Tennessee, Idaho, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Why Student Activities? Honestly, I just applied and eventually got the job. Now, I like how I get the chance to help provide a getaway for students on campus through events. Especially, I like building stuff for the events.

Thiago De Souza

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Major: Psychology

One Thing: I wish I could sing.

Why Student Activities? It was a great way for me to personally step out of my comfort zone and also to be involved in the activities and events that are planned and not just attend them.


Jared Devin

Hometown: Blandford, Massachusetts

Major: Digital Media: Video 

One Thing: I really enjoy photography, being able to capture amazing times and locations, there's just something so cool about it.

Why Student Activities? I really wanted to be involved in something more than just attending events, doing something more for the student body, and being able to work with a great staff like Student Activities!  


Sara Dis

Hometown: Bellport, New York

Major: Pre-Med

One Thing: I can crack my ear drums.

Why Student Activities? You get to work with hilarious people and put together exciting events!


Chris Faraldi

Hometown: Barnegat, New Jersey

Major: Church Ministry: Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry

One Thing: Sailing is my favorite sport.

Why Student Activities? I have a passion for putting together, executing, and improving events/activates for my community. As a freshmen, I always thought it would be amazing to be a part of the Department which does just that, every single week.

Ryan Flora

Hometown: Roanoke,  VA

Major: Business Administration: Project Management

One Thing: I love Crossfit and spend a lot of time at the gym, so if you see me come say hey!

Why Student Activities? There are two things that truly fulfill me in life, investing in people and serving people. This job allows me to do both and get paid for it!


Heath Hatmaker

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Major: Music and Worship: Pastoral Leadership

One Thing: I have an unhealthy love for Mexican food.

Why Student Activities? I'm really outgoing and love to have fun and be with people. So Student Activities is kinda like getting paid for being myself.

Adie Hayes

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Major: Fashion Merchandising

One Thing: I have backpacked across Europe.

Why Student Activities? I wanted to work at student activities because I love working with people who love to have fun and I also enjoy working events.


Marissa Kusayanagi

Hometown: Wildomar, California

Major: Psychology

One Thing: I enjoy politics and international affairs.

Why Student Activities? I wanted to work for Student Activities because of how devoted SA is to making all Liberty students know they are loved and have a place of community.

Bobby Moore

Hometown: Landsdale, Pennsylvania

Major: Business Management - Human Resources

One Thing: When I was young, my pupils rolled back so I was unable to see for a night.

Why Student Activities? Student Activities gives me the opportunity to serve my fellow students in an entertaining environment. While I personally enjoy the events that we produce, I enjoy interacting with the diverse students that come to enjoy our activities.


Allie Preissler

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Graphic Design

One Thing: I play 8 musical instruments.

Why Student Activities? I love getting to interact with and serve the student body, as well as help run events, use the talents I've been given, and be able to help connect students.


Jordan Sangalang

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Major: Youth Ministries

One Thing: I'm an identical twin.

Why Student Activities? I joined SA because I love the SA really engages the culture through music, movies, and art. And I thought it looked like the best job ever!

Scott Shields

Hometown: Burlington, North Carolina

Major: Accounting

One Thing: I am simultaneously a huge sports and outdoors guru, and secretly an even more avid gamer; console, PC, handheld, you name it.

Why Student Activities? I wanted to work at Student Activities because I see it as a huge opportunity to connect with students (and others) in ways that are very real and every day. Engaging in each other’s worlds in the realm of movies, music, and even things as simple as sodas or popcorn is the greatest way to make lasting and fulfilling bonds and friendships, especially in the context of serving others in those areas. I love meeting people and helping others meet people and just generally have a joyful experience!


Kay Torres

Hometown: San Diego, California

Major: Health Promotions / Business Finance

One Thing: I've swam with sharks!

Why Student Activities? I am so excited to be in Student Activities because when I first went to an event the staff was so welcoming and made you feel comfortable right away! I hope to make future freshman feel the same way!

Event Supervisors

Ross Cleveland III

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Major: Business Administration: Marketing

One Thing: I am related to President Grover Cleveland; he's my great great grandfather.

Why Student Activities? I chose Student Activities not just to have a good 'ole time putting on events for the students here at Liberty University, but to take on a greater role in the fostering of relationships and providing a service for the student body which really illustrates the purpose and mission of Student Activities in the first place.

Erin Diaz

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Major: Strategic Communications

One Thing: I'm half Mexican so I prefer to be called Señorita Diaz.

Why Student Activities? When I went to Coffeehouse for the first time, I knew I wanted to be a part of Student Activities. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the most fun and creative department on campus?

Drew Snavely

Hometown: Bath, New York

Major: Finance

One Thing: Anybody can find a place in my heart through soccer.

Why Student Activities? I saw this opportunity as a great way to get more involved at Liberty and a great way to meet more people.

Full-Time Staff

Steph Ward - Director

Brian Shesko - Associate Director

Robert Johns - Assistant Director

Kari Moye - Marketing Coordinator