Friday, April 4 | Tilley Student Center | 8 p.m.

First Place Prize:
Recording time with Hallow Tree Studios + $250 gift card to Lynchburg Music

**Band registration deadline has been extended to March 28**

Time Line

  • Band submissions will be accepted from March 10 - March 28
  • Facebook voting (Round1) will happen from March 29 - April 1
  • Battle of the Bands (Round 2 and 3) will be held on April 4

Requirements To Be Entered As a Band

• Must be a band consisting of Liberty students within this ratio:
    1.) Groups of 3 or less: all must be Liberty students
    2.) Groups of 4 or more: must be 75% Liberty students
• Must have an act that consists of a minimum 3 instruments and vocalist (vocalist may be one of the instruments).
• Must be able to sing 2 original songs and 2 cover songs.
• Must have a website, Facebook page, or blog with featured songs and band bio. We will not accept just hard copies/USB files.

To Participate

• You must email Student Activities with the following: band name, student IDs, contact information, name and LU/Non-LU status, and a music link. Send to and we will review your information. Within a week, we will respond letting you know if your information meets our standard.
• Each band that submits and gets accepted will be posted on Student Activities' website, Twitter and Facebook for promotion.
• Submissions will be accepted within March 10 - March 24.

Round 1: Facebook (20 bands) / March 29 - April 1

• Any band may participate for this round; we will take up to 20 bands.
• This round will consist of online voting using a Facebook event poll, the top 6 bands will be selected to play at the BOTB

Round 2: Text Voting (6 bands) / April 4

• Each band will play two songs, one original and one cover

Round 3: Text Voting (2 bands) / April 4

• Each band will play one original and one cover (different songs from the previous round)

Questions? Just call us 434-592-3061 or email us.