ATV Membership

  • ATV Assumption of Risk Form and Emergency Contact Sheet can be found at Camp Hydaway and must be completed before attending an ATV Safety Course.
  • Upon paperwork completion, you will be eligible to attend an ATV Safety Course. After passing the course you can obtain a membership card from Camp Hydaway.
  • You must reserve an ATV 24-hours in advance at Camp Hydaway. The receptionist will reserve a 1 hour time slot for you.
  • At your reservation time you will need to present your ATV membership card and pick up a key to your designated ATV at Camp Hydaway. A Camp Hydaway employee will walk you to the ATV to ensure it is in working order. Your key is due back at the end of your reservation.
  • Only current residential Liberty University students are permitted to ride.
  • Failure to comply with policies and procedures will result in disciplinary action and/or your membership being revoked.

Policies & Procedures | ATV Map


ATVs now available for reservation!

ATV Saftey Course Dates:

Info: Participants must register in person for the course at Camp Hydaway prior to the scheduled date.

  • Friday, January 30  -  4-6 p.m.
  • Friday, February 13  -  4-6 p.m.
  • Friday, February 27  -  4-6 p.m.



Contact Information

Emergency Contact (LUPD): (434) 582-3911
Questions, Suggestions or Concerns (Camp Hydaway): (434) 592-6284 or