Upcoming Events


2/17- Fitness Workshop: Fundamentals of Yoga Workshop

10:00am-12:00pm Mind/Body Studio, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Whether you are interested in starting a yoga practice, or you have been practicing for years and would like to fine-tune your alignment in fundamental poses, the Fundamentals of Yoga Workshop is the perfect opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the most well-known yoga asanas within a vinyasa practice. A yoga instructor will work with the class to break down the anatomy and alignment of poses, giving you the tools to practice yoga with greater intention and body awareness. Practicing with correct alignment will maximize the benefits of each pose, allowing you to progress in your practice more quickly. Join us on Feb. 17 in the Mind/Body Studio of the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center from 10am-12pm to enhance your practice! Registration will open 24 hours in advance on the Group Exercise web page.

  • Gain a greater understanding of anatomy and alignment of fundamental yoga poses
  • Learn to practice with intention and body awareness
  • Maximize the benefits of your practice


2/21 - Seize the Sweaty: Ladies Night

9:30-11:30pm LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Seize the Sweaty! Our new campaign to empower you to find movement, strength, and balance in your everyday life – especially at the gym! On February 21st at 9:30pm, after the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center closes for the evening, we are inviting women of Liberty University to come and experience the gym in an intimidation free environment. We will have trainers helping in the free-weights section of the gym teaching lifting movements, rock wall instruction for anyone looking to get into climbing, and multiple group exercise classes to choose from. Or simply come join us for your normal workout as the rest of the facility will be open for use as well! This will be a night to fellowship with other women and enjoy the gym in a completely new way. 

  • Open to Liberty women (students, faculty and staff) 
  • No need to sign up, just bring your flames pass and workout gear!  


2/22 - NASM Certified Personal Trainer Course

February 22nd - April 19th
Thursday's - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Join us for the National Academy of Sport's Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Course! Once you register, you will be signed up for the online modules and our in-person course. The CPT exam is included in the price, and can be taken after the course if completed. We will meet every Thursday night for 8 weeks from 6-8pm, going through the chapters, giving out homework assignments, and performing labs to help increase your comprehension of the NASM material, which will couple well with your online coursework for the exam. There are 16 modules to be completed, and each participant will receive an access code and be mailed a textbook. Sign up is $100 deposit with $499 due afterwards - can be split payment ($199 and $300+TAX/SHIPPING for materials) or full payment upon registration. Register online today!


2/24 - Fitness Workshop: Olympic Lifting Workshop

10:00am-12:00pm LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

This workshop is a sequel to our CrossFit 101 workshop. Join us February 24th from 10am-12pm as we take you through the basics of Olympic Weightlifting and how to use it appropriately in your CrossFit training. Be sure to sign up online up to 24 hours in advance and come dressed to lift!

  • Discover the benefits of Olympic lifting and how to incorporate it into your CrossFit workouts
  • Learn the four major movements you must be able to do before Olympic Lifting
  • Learn the regressions and progressions for lifts such as the snatch and Clean and Jerk




3/8- Wellness Workshop: Strength Training for Baby Boomers

12:00-1:00pm Terrace Conference Room, Jerry Falwell Library

What’s the big deal about strength training? According to Mayo Clinic, strength training may help you develop strong bones, manage your weight, enhance your quality of life, manage chronic conditions, and sharpen your thinking skills. But, where do you begin? Join us on March 8th from 12-1 pm in the Terrace Conference Room to learn more about strength training basics from one our experienced exercise science professionals. Be sure to sign up online!

  • Learn why strength training is important
  • Practice various strength training movements
  • Have your questions answered


3/10- Yoga Workshop: Yoga Backbend Workshop

10:00am-12:30pm Mind/Body Studio, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Join us on Saturday, March 10th in the Mind Body Studio at the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center as we unlock the many benefits to a regular backbend practice. Back bending regularly can improve posture, counter the rounding forward of the shoulders, improve mobility of the spine, improve your mood, and give you a boost of energy. In this workshop, RYT Heather Gaunt will talk you through the best way to warm your body up for safe back bending, giving you practical ways to incorporate them into your practice to improve your overall wellbeing. Registration will open 24 hours in advance on the Group Exercise web page.

  • Unlock the benefits of a regular back bending practice
  •  Learn safe and effective ways to warm the body up for back bending
  • Learn practical tips to add backbends into home practice


3/27- Campus Rec Job Fair 

1:00-4:00pm Location: Montview Campus Rec Office

Are you interested in working under Campus Recreation? Consider stopping by on March 27th between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to hear more about our available job opportunities! Campus Recreation is comprised of Student Activities, Recreation Centers, Intramural Sports, and Outdoor Recreation. So, whether you are interested in marketing, member services, aquatics, or refereeing, we may have a spot for you here! Check out all available positions with Campus Recreation (Recreation Centers, Student Activities, Outdoor Recreation, and Intramural Sports) by visiting our Campus Rec website.

  • Stop by the Campus Rec Job Fair
  • Learn more about available job opportunities
  • Speak with current employees 


4/13- Golden Boulder- Bouldering Competition

4:00-11:00pm Rock Wall, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Curious what it is like to be in a rock climbing competition? Come and join us for a chance to have a great time with music, food, prizes, and fellowship with other students of all levels. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced category. Awards are given for our top male and female, top dyno competitor, and crash pad stacking competition winner. Have a chance to win great gear from our event sponsors, or one of $75 worth of raffles just for participating!

The competition takes place on April 13th. You will be able to choose to join a group of no more than 40 others for 2.5 hours of climbing. Prizes and awards will be given out after all groups have finished and results are determined. Pre-registration is $5 and day of registration is $10. In order to receive a Golden Boulder t-shirt you will need to register by March 28th. Sign up online today!

  • Enjoy friendly competition against other students and friends
  • Enjoy the music, food and fun
  • Try all new boulder problems set for the competition
  • Register by March 28th to receive a t-shirt


4/7- Yoga Workshop: AcroYoga Workshop

10:00am-12:30pm Mind/Body Studio, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

AcroYoga is the union and balance between acrobatics and yoga – it requires two people to work together, communicate effectively, and trust each other to create beautiful, strong movements. Join Heather and Elliot Gaunt as they lead you through the basics of how to begin an AcroYoga practice, what the base and the flyer need to know, and how to practice safely. This workshop is for anyone who has basic yoga experience and is willing to trust, laugh, and fall! Registration will open 24 hours in advance on the Group Exercise web page.

  • Learn the basic foundation of AcroYoga and its benefits
  • Learn how to trust and communicate with your partner
  • Use the tools in the workshop to become stronger, more balanced, and more flexible


4/19- Wellness Workshop: Building Equipment Free Workouts

12:00-1:00pm Terrace Conference Room, Jerry Falwell Library

In our modern-day society, we have been over taken by computers and overwhelmed with responsibilities. So how can we fit exercise into our day? Join us on April 19th from 12-1 pm in the Terrace Conference Room to learn more about building equipment free workouts! Equipment free workouts will enable you to build on functional movements while maximizing your time. Be sure to invite a friend and sign-up online!

  • Learn from certified personal trainers about how to build equipment free workouts at home
  • Learn how to make time for exercise when you can’t get to the gym
  • Get your fitness questioned answered


4/21- Fitness Workshop: Hip Hop Workshop

10:00am-12:00pm Dance Studio, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Join us at the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center on Saturday, April 21st, for the Hip Hop Workshop! Learn how to break down and create exciting and dynamic Hip Hop dance choreography with an experienced instructor. Gain knowledge, experience, and a great workout while having a blast!  All levels welcome! Sign-ups will be available online on the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center Group Exercise page 24 hours before the class.

  • Learn how to break down and create Hip Hop dance choreography
  • Practice choreography in a fun group setting with an experienced instructor
  • Get a great workout while having a blast!


5/3- Wellness Workshop: How to Sleep for Optimum Health

12:00-1:00pm Jerry Falwell Library

Have you been feeling cranky, stressed, or emotionally overwhelmed? Consider looking at your sleep habits. According to the National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute, sleep plays a vital role in protecting your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. If you wish to improve your health and learn more, join us on May 3rd in the Terrace Conference Room at the Jerry Falwell Library! Register online today!

  • Learn about the importance of sleep
  • Improve your sleeping habits
  • Improve your quality of life


5/5- FitFest

8:00am-2:00pm LaHaye Parking Lot, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Finish your Spring semester on a healthy note at Recreation Centers’ first-ever FitFest! Join students, faculty, and staff on May 5th from 8:00 am-2:00 pm for a time of outdoor activities, prizes, and more! There will be a fun run 5k to start off the day, followed by a Partner CrossFit competition and workshops happening throughout the course of day. Competitors and spectators are free to roam around the vendor village, participating in various games and activities. The Personal Training area will be doing free 10 minute fitness consultations, and fitness testing for VIP ticket holders. You are able to come for free with general admission or purchase a VIP ticket for $10.

FREE Ticket includes:

  • 4 workshops or group exercise classes
  • 10 minute fitness consultation 
  • Access to Vendor village with food trucks, games, and other activities

VIP Ticket ($10) includes: 

You can purchase a VIP ticket for yourself, your spouse, parent, friend, or guest as well. Upon registration at FitFest, you will receive your VIP pass. 

  • Fun Run
  • 8 workshops or group exercise classes
  • Fitness testing done by our certified personal trainers
  • A t-shirt!


5/5- FitFest 2018 Partner CrossFit Competition 

8:00am-12:00pm LaHaye Parking Lot, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

On Saturday, May 5th, Recreation Centers will be hosting their first ever FitFest – a time to have fun, eat good food, exercise with friends, and learn more about what Recreation Centers has to offer each student, faculty and staff member here at Liberty University! In the midst of this event, we will be having a CrossFit Competition! Be prepared for dynamic and exciting workouts programmed through the CrossFit methodology.  It will be open to any current student, staff, or faculty at Liberty University. This competition will have two categories that you can register for, single or partner. These categories will have split divisions for male and female. The competition will take place outside in the LaHaye parking lot between 8:00am and 12:00pm, where FitFest is being hosted. More details to come about the specific events – but the cost will be $25 for single registrations and $15 per partner for partner registrations – this will cover their participation in the competition, and they can enjoy FitFest after the competition has ended! There will be snacks and water provided.

Register online as an individual competitor or for the partner competition today!- Must sign up both partners in order for registration to count as a partner registration.

CrossFit Competition Ticket includes:

  • Outdoor CrossFit Competition
  • Fun Run
  • 8 outdoor workshops or group exercise classes
  • Fitness testing done by our certified personal trainers
  • A t-shirt!