Recreation Centers Full Time 

Jamie Swyers

Director, Recreation Centers


Master of Public Health; Nutrition

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science 

Role: As the Director of Recreation Centers, Jamie provides the vision, leadership and oversight of the department. She also oversees operations within all recreation facilities including the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, David's Place, and Montview Bowling Alley and Game Room. She also leads the Recreation Centers team, comprised of 13 full time staff 150+ part-time and student employees. 


Sam Seaborn

Associate Director, Operations

Education: Bachelor of Science, Sports Management

Role: As the Associate Director of Operations, Sam oversees the operational functions of Recreation Centers along with staff development, which includes full-time, part-time and student employees. 


Rylie Culkin

Associate Director, Marketing and Communications

Education: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration; International Business

Role: As the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at Recreation Centers Rylie oversees all facility scheduling and reservations, marketing and promotional efforts, as well as camps for Recreation Centers. Rylie is responsible for leading a professional and part-time staff to develop and ensure effective communication methods and marketing of our recreation facilities, programs and services.

Heather Gaunt

Associate Director, Fitness and Programs

Education: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science: Fitness Specialist

Role: As The Associate Director of Fitness and Programming for Recreation Centers, Heather oversees the department’s Personal Training and Group Exercise Programs along with the events hosted by our department such as the Health Fair, Fitness Workshops, Wellness Series events, and Wellness Initiative events. Heather also works to compile all events into a programming calendar for the year. She directly oversees the Full-Time Fitness Coordinator and the Wellness and Programming Manager.

Sean Sealy 

Associate Director, Facilities

Education: Bachelor of Science, English and Modern Language

Role: As Associate Director of Facilities for Recreation Centers, Sean oversees the maintenance, upkeep, and overall aesthetics of all areas. He strives to keep our facilities in complete working order, offering the very best equipment and services to our students and members. He also leads our Facility Technician team with the assistance of one full time staff member and two managers.

Nick Belotte

Associate Director, Aquatics and Satellite Facilities

Education: Bachelor of Science, Science and History

Role: As Associate Director of Aquatics and Satellite Facilities for Recreation Centers, Nick oversees the maintenance, upkeep, and overall aesthetics of all areas. He strives to keep our facilities in complete working order, offering the very best equipment and services to our students and members. He also leads our Aquatic team with the assistance of one full time staff member and two managers.

Jake Weatherholtz

Assistant Director, Operations

Education: Bachelor of Science, Psychology 

Role: As Assistant Director of Operations for Recreation Centers, Jake oversees the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, the Montview Bowling Alley and Game Room, and David’s Place facilities. This includes all the daily operational needs of the employees and members including scheduling and staffing the different locations, and maintaining the equipment used in each facility. 

Bri O'Neal

Assistant Director, Marketing 


Bachelor of Science, Visual Communication Arts

Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, anticipated May 2018

Role: As the Assistant Director of Marketing for Recreation Centers, Bri oversees the department’s branding and promotion for all events. This includes promotional videos, as well as all print and digital advertisements. She also manages the promotional calendar and schedule for Recreation Centers and oversees a part-time manager, student employees, and interns. 

Elliot Gaunt

Coordinator, Rock Wall


Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science: Fitness Specialist

Javaz Williams

Coordinator, Fitness

Education: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science: Fitness Specialist 

Role: As the Fitness Coordinator, Javaz oversees 20+ Personal Trainers and Group Exercise instructors, while also completing day to day operational tasks in relation to the wellness and fitness, personal training, and group exercise programs. 


Spencer Mather

Coordinator, Facilities

Education: Bachelor of Science, Leadership 

Role: As the Facilities Coordinator, Spencer oversees the facilities overall cleanliness and aesthetics appearance. Spencer also leads over a dozen student workers and two managers in efforts to ensure that this facility is the best of its kind. 


Kevin Fortier

Coordinator, Athletic Training 

Education: Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training

Role: As the Athletic Training Coordinator, Kevin is responsible for initial medical assessment of sport-related injuries during Campus Recreation events, while also providing treatment and rehabilitation of injuries which occurred during the events.



Jonathan Husker

Coordinator, Communications


Bachelor of Science, Journalism

Master of Arts, Strategic Communication, anticipated December 2017

Role: As the Communications Coordinator for Recreation Centers, Jonathan oversees all facility reservations and requests, and ensures effective communications internally and externally. He works with the Associate Director of Communications and Marketing to schedule events, oversee the Recreation Centers’ social media and blog, and serve as the point of contact for all Recreation Centers events and reservations.


Hannah Hornsby 

Coordinator, Aquatics

Education: Bachelor of Science, Visual Communication Arts

Role: As the Aquatics Coordinator, Hannah provides direction for the aquatic programs, facility upkeep and staff professionalism. She leads and oversees the aquatic team comprised of two part-time managers and 18 student staff. 

Linda Galvez

Administrative Planner


Master of Arts, Executive Leadership

Bachelor of Science, Fashion Merchandising and Interiors

Role: As the Administrative Planner for Campus Recreation, Linda follows the direction of the Vice President of Campus Recreation to help serve the Directors of Recreation Centers, Intramural Sports, Outdoor Recreation, and Student Activities. She works administratively to keep our office well stocked, oversees the Campus Recreation Front Desk staff and assists with all Human Resource related tasks for the Campus Recreation departments.