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Virginia Bike Adventure

Have you ever wanted to bike a long distance but weren’t sure if you had the skill, time, or resources to do it? For those answering yes, look no further than the Virginia Creeper Trail. This fine-crushed gravel trail runs 34 miles, mostly downhill (285 feet total of elevation gain), from Whitetop to Abingdon, VA. Not your typical city greenway, the VCT takes you through beautiful farmland, meadows, wooded trails, and over rustic bridges. Enjoy a stop halfway in the charming small town of Damascus on your way to Abingdon. Allow at least 4-5 hours to bike the trail and plan your rest stops accordingly.

There are many shuttle and bike services in the area but the Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Shop is one of the best. The shop will rent you a bike or if you brought your own, they will gladly shuttle you back to your car once you finish the trail for approximately $25.

The best time to bike the trail is during the fall when the fall colors are most vibrant. Pack a lunch, water, wear a helmet, tell someone where you’re going, and enjoy the Virginia Creeper Trail!


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  • (VA Blue Line Map) For the fly fishermen craving native trout and beautiful rural and wilderness settings. Remember to adhere to private property and fishing regulation laws! 
  • The South River is popular spot for large rainbow and brown trout in Waynesboro, VA.
  • Try your luck on the James River for large muskie and smallmouth bass. 
  • The James River offers many adventure opportunities. Enjoy a tubing trip down the many routes near Lynchburg with Twin River Outfitters or James River Reeling & Rafting.
  • The New River and New River Valley offer unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities. Looking for a relaxing float with easy water? Try Independence to Baywood (Map) For the seasoned paddler try Bridle Creek to Independence (Map)



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