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Fall weather = Fly fishing

School is back in session and the last of the blisteringly hot days will soon be dwindling and days will become shorter. For some this is reason enough to go into hibernation until next spring, but if you’re a fall lover, there is a plethora of new activities to take advantage of in the Lynchburg area. Between the pumpkin picking and latte sipping, why not try something a little different this year: fly fishing!

Fly fishing for trout can be a year round hobby but the colder months will yield far better results. Fishing makes a great day trip but for those extra far rivers try combining with an overnight in a local campground or national forest! Be sure to stop by the Hydaway Outfitter to get all the camping gear you need for your day or weekend away. Here are some trips to consider:

Piney River

A great local fishery in Amherst County with stocked and native brook trout plentiful. Plenty of free campsites along the river make for a perfect weekend getaway. Expect fish 4”-8” generally. Stop by Angler’s Lane or talk to one of our Hydaway staff to see what flies to use before you go.

Jackson River

Make the well-worth it 2-hour drive to this fly fishing haven and you won’t regret it! The Jackson River holds large populations of brown and rainbow trout, many reaching impressive sizes. Be careful to choose your fishing spots correctly as private property laws are strict in this area. Please refer to the Jackson River VDGIF page to find your next fishing spot. Enjoy a stay in local state park or campground to make a weekend out of it.

South River

Another great fishery an hour from Lynchburg is the South River in Waynesboro, VA. This river provides some of the best river access around as it flows right through downtown. Stop in at the South River Fly Shop to see what is biting that day, purchase the right flies, and then hit the water. Large rainbow and brown trout are plentiful in the river but be sure to grab the proper licenses and permits before fishing. Enjoy a leisurely drive back to Lynchburg via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Native “Blue Line” Streams

A “blue line” stream is a small natural stream that holds native brook trout. While these streams can host wild brown and rainbow trout these species are not truly “native” to Virginia. Use this handy map to locate your next favorite fishing spot: (VA Blue Line Map). There is nothing quite like wandering the national forest roads all day in search of untouched streams and brookies!

Also consider:

Mossy Creek

South Fork Holston River

Moorman’s River




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  • (VA Blue Line Map) For the fly fishermen craving native trout and beautiful rural and wilderness settings. Remember to adhere to private property and fishing regulation laws! 
  • The South River is popular spot for large rainbow and brown trout in Waynesboro, VA.
  • Try your luck on the James River for large muskie and smallmouth bass. 
  • The James River offers many adventure opportunities. Enjoy a tubing trip down the many routes near Lynchburg with Twin River Outfitters or James River Reeling & Rafting.
  • The New River and New River Valley offer unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities. Looking for a relaxing float with easy water? Try Independence to Baywood (Map) For the seasoned paddler try Bridle Creek to Independence (Map)



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