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Winter Camping

Looking for something to do this winter? How about a weekend backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail?! Be sure to rent your gear from the Hydaway Outdoor Recreation Center starting February 22, 2018 and read our latest blog post for tips for your winter adventure!

Day 1:

Starting at the Spy Rock parking lot, hike 1.5 miles to the Spy Rock summit. Enjoy the magnificent views and then continue 3.4 miles to the Crabtree Falls parking lot (Optional hike to Crabtree Falls add 3 miles to trip). From Crabtree, hike approximately 1 mile to the Priest Shelter on the Appalachian Trail. Spend the night here, cook dinner, enjoy the views and a bonfire, but pack warm!

Day 2:

Enjoy a backcountry breakfast and then hike 4.8 miles along the Priest ridge down to the Priest parking lot. Return to Spy Rock to retrieve your vehicle.

Shuttle Logistics:
Leave vehicle 1 at Priest parking lot and then drive vehicle 2 to Spy Rock parking lot, leaving vehicle 2 there. Upon arriving at Priest parking lot next day, drive vehicle 1 back to Spy Rock and retrieve vehicle 2.

Total mileage: 10.6 miles total/13.6 including Crabtree Falls detour


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  • (VA Blue Line Map) For the fly fishermen craving native trout and beautiful rural and wilderness settings. Remember to adhere to private property and fishing regulation laws! 
  • The South River is popular spot for large rainbow and brown trout in Waynesboro, VA.
  • Try your luck on the James River for large muskie and smallmouth bass. 
  • The James River offers many adventure opportunities. Enjoy a tubing trip down the many routes near Lynchburg with Twin River Outfitters or James River Reeling & Rafting.
  • The New River and New River Valley offer unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities. Looking for a relaxing float with easy water? Try Independence to Baywood (Map) For the seasoned paddler try Bridle Creek to Independence (Map)



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