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Player, coach participate on all-star team at PSP Dallas Open

March 16, 2014  |  Forney, Texas 

Liberty freshman Christian Campbell (007) joined players from North Carolina State, Auburn, North Texas, South Dakota, Temple, and Wisconsin-Whitewater to form the NCPA All-Stars, who placed 23rd out of 40 teams in their division.

Snow was still on the ground in Virginia as Liberty University paintball Head Coach Todd Hoglund drove back from the March 14-16 Paintball Sports Promotion (PSP) Dallas Open in Forney, Texas on Monday.
For the second straight year, Hoglund headed south to serve as coach of the National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) All-Stars, the only collegiate team in an open tournament with more than 100 entries from around the country.
Liberty freshman Christian Campbell joined Hoglund on the journey and played on the Dorito side on the all-star team that also featured four players from North Carolina State and one each from Auburn, North Texas, South Dakota, Temple, and Wisconsin-Whitewater.
"The All-Star team was a throw-together of college players to showcase what college talent can do in a different league," Hoglund said, noting Campbell, who arrived at Liberty with some experience, has rapidly developed his skills since joining the Flames. "He played really well. He actually kept the team in the game by making some big moves and winning a one-on-one."
The NCPA All-Stars went 2-2 in their four matches and placed 23rd out of 40 teams in the D3 RaceTo-4 division. Houston Zone defeated Chicago Warped in the championship match.
"Being around professional teams and watching them play on the Dallas Layout which they're going to be using at (NCPA) nationals should help prepare us for (the tournament)," Hoglund said.
Liberty, still ranked No. 1 by the NCPA, ahead of the University of Texas and Texas A&M and 60 other Class AA programs, is the only team in the country with five lines of five players.
The Flames will conclude their regular season by taking two lines to the Mid-South Coastal Conference No. 4. Tournament at East Carolina University on March 29 before returning to the NCPA National Championships, April 11-13 in Lakeland, Fla., with one Class A team and as many as three Class AA lines.
"We're probably predicted to be in the top five at nationals," Hoglund said, noting Florida Gulf Coast University, which defeated the Flames in last year's opening round, is also one of the favorites along with the University of Florida and Cal State-Long Beach.

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