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Game On segment features Puerto Rico Lacrosse founders

May 30, 2018  |  San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Game On segment features Puerto Rico Lacrosse founders test test test test

Former Liberty University men's lacrosse defender Nathan Lowmaster ('13) and midfielder Miguel Lozada ('14), co-founders of Puerto Rico Lacrosse in 2016, were featured on an episode of "Game On," the Liberty Flames Sports Network's (LFSN) 30-minute weekly sports program.

"Our men's national team is going to be competing in Israel for the (July 12-21 FIL) World Championships; however, this is a small sliver of what our non-profit's initiatives are," Lowmaster said. "Our entire focus is honestly on the island, getting the youth from Puerto Rico playing, getting sticks in their hands, getting them opportunities to compete, and letting them develop the sport."

Lowmaster and Lozada believe the team has the potential to rise into the top 10 in the world rankings this summer and to contend for a FIL World Championship title in the next 10 years, a mission that could inspire citizens of the U.S. territory in the Caribbean that is still recovering from Hurricane Maria's destructive path in late September 2017.

"Since people don't think this could be possible for Puerto Ricans, I think that would just show God's glory that, ‘Hey, this is not something we normally play or we do, but we can excel at it because it's a new challenge and we can tackle it together,'" Lozada said. "We want to continue to reach further goals."

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