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Tri takes second

April 17, 2012  |  Lake Lure, NC 

Swimming 500 meters may seem like a good way to avoid a shark attack, biking 16.5 miles may seem like a good way to save gas and running five kilometers may seem like a good way to beat a bear attack, but to the triathlon team it is just another day, another race.

The triathlon team competed at the collegiate community sprint triathlon at Lake Lure, N.C., with both the men's and women's team coming in second overall and David Fritz coming in first overall.

Fritz's time was 1:08:14, with a swim time of 7 minutes, 50 seconds, bike time of 39 minutes, 49 seconds and a run time of 19 minutes, 4 seconds.

Women's team member Blakely Harris placed highest for Liberty, coming in fifth place. Harris' time was 1:18:21, with a 9 minute, 29 second swim, 46 minute, 32 second bike and a 19 minute, 56 second run.

Head coach Beth Frackleton emphasized that this event was a "tune-up" because most of the season is in the fall semester, and after winter, everyone is a little stiff and needs time to prepare.

"I think it went very well. Obviously, finishing second shows we're in the top of our division and still looking very competitive," Frackleton said.

The team has qualified for nationals and will continue training over the next few weeks preceding the event which is to be held in Tuscaloosa, Ala. in mid-April.

"We're going to be a lot more competitive at nationals," Frackleton said.

The triathlon team consists of 16 athletes that train in running, swimming and biking to prepare for competitions. They are currently ranked second in men's and third in women's in the mid-Atlantic division.

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