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Ryan Leeds

Head Coach

Start Date: 8/1/2013

Ryan Leeds has been involved in the snow-sports industry for approximately 17 years, starting off as a downhill ski racer and then converting to snowboarding his freshman year of High School.  Ryan has been snowboarding ever since, and has been actively competing and coaching for the past eight years.  He has worked as a snowboard instructor at several resorts including Shawnee Mtn. (Pennsylvania), Camelback Mtn. (Pennsylvania), and the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre.  During his undergraduate degree with Liberty University, Ryan competed with the Snowboard team (2009-2012) and was privileged to serve as the captain of the snowboard team his senior year.  While on the team, Ryan was able to help Liberty get to nationals for the first time, and then have a desire to go back and take the national championship.  Ryan is passionate about the Snowboard/Ski team and would like to see it grow into a team that continues to be a force at the national level. 

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies, and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity: Academic/Pre Ph.D.  Not long after graduating with his Bachelor’s degree, Ryan married his “high-school sweetheart” Lauren, who is an elementary music teacher in Amherst County. While snowboarding is one of Ryan’s strongest passions, ministry, family, and spreading the gospel are his primary focus.  Ryan currently serves as the Virginia chapter leader for a non-profit organization called Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ (SFC), which exists to reach those in the snowboarding and skiing community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while getting them connected to the Church.  Ryan’s desire is to continue to minister to people within this culture, and to use the Liberty Ski/Snowboard Team as a light to various teams and people we encounter on the hill.

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Feb 25, 9:00 AM - Wintergreen, VA
Ski & Snowboard
Ski & Snowboard
at Regionals
Feb 25, 9:00 AM - Wintergreen, VA

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Jan 21
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at Beech Mountain Resort
1st Place

Mar 11
Ski & Snowboard
at Nationals at Mt. Bachelor
Ski - 3rd

Mar 10
Ski & Snowboard
at Nationals at Mt. Bachelor
Snow - 3rd

Mar 7
Ski & Snowboard
at Nationals at Mt. Bachelor
Rail Jam - 3rd

Feb 12
Ski & Snowboard
at Blue Mountain Resort
Men's Ski - 1st

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