Friends & Supporters


Generous gifts have helped make facilities like the new Jerry Falwell Library possible.

The Alumni Relations Office is sincerely grateful for Liberty University’s financial supporters. Because of your generous gifts, Liberty University has become the world’s largest Christian university. The campus offers cutting-edge facilities like the LaHaye Student Union,  LaHaye Ice Center, Thomas Indoor Soccer Center, state-of-the-art Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre and now the Jerry Falwell Library. Without you, Liberty would not be the world-class Christian university it is today.



The Alumni Relations Office expresses great appreciation for the parents who send their students to Liberty. Because of your guidance and support, your children are the next generation of students who are being trained to go into the world as Champions for Christ. Thank you for choosing Liberty University for your child’s higher education.

We invite you to join us in any of our alumni events.

Parent and Family Connections


The Alumni Relations Office is grateful for those who use their time and talents to support Liberty University’s mission. It takes a special person to give the encouragement that is needed for sustaining this university. You are helping train Champions for Christ and we at the Alumni Relations Office appreciate everything you do for Liberty University.

Support Liberty-friendly businesses

Many businesses help to support Liberty University in everything we do. In return, we encourage alumni, students and everyone else associated with Liberty to help sustain those businesses by using their services. We would also like to thank these businesses for their constant assistance in making Liberty a world-class university.