Liberty University

Policies and Agreement for Prospective Student Overnight Visit

While staying on the Liberty University campus, I will abide by and adhere to standards listed below:

·      I will respect the property and living space of current student hosts that I will be staying with during my overnight visit. Overnight stay is limited to 2 consecutive nights.

·      I will provide my hosts with clear communication about my schedule needs and plans during the evening(s) of the overnight visit.

·      I will be expected to abide by the policies set forth by Liberty University including:

o    Curfew: Sunday-Monday (Midnight); Tuesday (10PM); Wednesday-Thursday (Midnight); Friday-Saturday (12:30AM)

o    Dress Code: Class dress must be worn in any academic building before 4:30PM. Casual dress may be worn anywhere after 4:30PM.

§  Class Dress:

·       MEN: Collared or polo shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts (no inappropriate logos), pants (including neat jeans, properly worn, with no holes, patches, or tears), footwear (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable), no hats, durags or hoods in class or convocation.

·       WOMEN: Modesty rules for women prohibit dresses or skirts shorter than the top of the knee, shoulder straps less than two inches wide, anything tight backless, low in neckline or revealing midriff at any time. Sweaters, loose-fitting tops, sweatshirts (no inappropriate logos), skirts, dresses, pants, which would include capri/cropped pants and neat jeans (no holes, patches, or tears), footwear (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable).

§  Casual Dress:

·       MEN: Shirts, neat pants, jeans, wind suits, loose-fitting modest shorts (mid-thigh or longer), shoes (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable), no hats, durags, or hoods during church services.

·       WOMEN: Shirts, neat pants, jeans, wind suits, loose-fitting, modest shorts (mid-thigh or longer), shoes (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable).

o    Residence Hall Policy: Residence Halls are not Coed, males are not allowed in female Residence Halls and females are not allowed in male Residence Halls.

o    Substance Abuse: Liberty prohibits the possession or use of all alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

o    Language: Profanity is not permitted at LU. Crude, vulgar, or coarse language will not be allowed.

o    Entertainment Policy: Viewing and possession of any movie rated “R”, “NC-17”, or “X” are prohibited. Video games rated “A” or “RP” are prohibited. Music that is offensive to Liberty’s Christian stand is not permitted.

o    Dating/Social Behavior: Students are asked to display mature Christian behavior in social interaction. In dating the only appropriate form of personal contact is hand holding.


·         I am currently a high school junior, senior, or a transfer student from another institution between the ages of 16-29.


·         Should my plans change during my visit, I will respect my host(s) by informing them of these changes.


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