New Student Checklist 

Complete the below items before Spring 2018 semester begins.

  • Create Your Liberty Account*
    Creating a Liberty Username and Password is a priority after being accepted and will give you access to important aspects of your account such as Housing, Course Registration and Financial Check-In. To create your account in ASIST, visit the Claim Account page.
  • Complete Your Math and English Assessments
    Login to your myLU account and click on Blackboard under "My Access." Under "Courses" you will find the math assessment and English assessment. Both assessments need to be completed to register for classes. If you are transferring in college credit for math or English, you may be eligible to bypass one or both tests. Visit the test preparation page before taking the assessments.
  • Complete the FAFSA
    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is required of all students in order to receive Financial Aid from Liberty University. Visit and use Liberty's school code (010392).
  • Submit All Applicable Financial Aid Documents
    This can include FAFSA verification documents, the VTAG application, and all required Federal Loan documents. For information specific to your account, please contact the Financial Aid office at (888) 583-5704.
  • Complete Financial Check-In
    Check out the Student Accounts site for the "Steps to Complete Financial Check-In." Note: Completion of Financial Check-In is a prerequisite for selecting a class schedule, obtaining a Flames Pass ID Card, and receiving a Housing Assignment.
  • Register Your Vehicle with LUPD
    All students who plan to bring a vehicle with them in the fall must first indicate their intent during Financial Check-In, and then register with LUPD. For more information, visit
  • Register for Classes
    You can select your classes online through your ASIST account. Please visit for more information regarding class registration and academic support.
  • Upload a Photo for Your Flames Pass ID Card
    Students have the option of uploading through ASIST a photo of their choice for their ID card, or having their photo taken during Summer Orientation. For more information and upload instructions, please visit
  • Complete the Online Health Form
    All students are required to complete a health form through ASIST prior to attending. Click on the General Information tab in ASIST to finish your form. Students who do not complete their Online Health Form may encounter registration issues and/or a fee on their account. 
  • Set up FERPA Pin Number 
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records.  FERPA governs the release of these records (known as education records) maintained by an educational institution, as well as the access to these records. Setting up a FERPA pin with the university will allow for parents to be able to access student account information. Without a FERPA pin no account information may be shared. 


*Must be completed in order to attend Summer Orientation

Which checklist items can I complete at Summer Orientation?