Maintaining F-2 Dependent Status

The spouse and minor children (under 21 years old) accompanying an F-1 student are eligible for admission in F-2 status if the student is admitted in F-1 status. 


  • The spouse and children of an F-1 student will each be issued an individual SEVIS Form I-20. 
  • An F-2 may not work under any conditions in the U.S.
  • An F-2 spouse may only be enrolled part time in post-secondary education.
  • An F-2 child may study at the primary and/or secondary level (K-12).
  • An F-2 wanting to attend university must apply for an F-1 status. The dependent must be approved for F-1 status before they are able to begin any classes.

Changes to Dependents

Please let your International Student Advisor know if your F-2 dependent is no longer living in the U.S.

If you need to add an F-2 dependent to your F-1 I-20, you will need to show an affidavit of increased financial support.

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