Resources for Graduate and Divinity Students

Graduate and Divinity students are an important part of the Liberty University community with special housing and family-related needs and concerns. The International Student Center is aware of those needs and provides assistance whenever possible.

Off-Campus Housing

Commuter Students website

  • If you are married, you must live off campus. Married students must life off-campus even if their spouse is not currently living with them.
  • Students age 25 or older, or who will turn 25 within the academic year, must live off-campus.

Graduate Support Offices

Visa Types

Applying for Visa!

  • Liberty is able to assist F-1 and F-2 students only. Students wishing to change to a different visa type will need to seek the assistance of a lawyer. *
  • Any student who has applied for a different visa type should inform their International Student Advisor immediately.
  • Once approved, the student will need to provide proof of the new status to the International Student Advisor immediately.

* Immigration lawyer Art Serratelli speaks at Liberty once a semester. You will receive an email from the International Student Center about this workshop.

Graduate Enrollment Policies

  • Graduate students must maintain full-time enrollment each fall and spring semester. For graduate students, this is 9 credit hours per semester, with at least 6 credit hours being residential.
  • Doctoral students must maintain full-time enrollment in at least 6 residential credits. Doctorate Registration form
  • Before the start of each semester, doctoral students must report to their International Student Advisor using the following form: Enrollment policy for doctorate students
  • Counseling practicum and internship students: Counseling practicum and internship policy

Maintaining F-2 Dependent Status

  • An F-2 may not work under any conditions in the U.S.
  • An F-2 spouse may not be enrolled in a degree program of study.
  • An F-2 child may study at the primary and/or secondary level (K-12)
  • An F-2 wanting to attend university must apply for an F-1 status. They may begin study after applying, prior to approval.
  • Please let your International Student Advisor know if your F-2 dependent is no longer living in the U.S.
  • If you need to add an F-2 dependent to your F-1 I-20, you will need to show an affidavit of increased financial support of $5,000.00 per dependent.

If you have questions, please contact your Graduate International Student Advisor:

International Admissions
1 (877) 298-9617

(434) 592-4118

(434) 522-0430 (fax)

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