Mission and Purpose

Our Mission

In recognition of the scriptural admonition that "faith without works is dead" (James 2:17) and in fulfillment of the Great Commission of world evangelization found in Matt. 28:18-20, the Christian/Community Service component of the curriculum serves to affirm the Christian worldview and provide a practical expression of God's love for mankind.

Our Purpose

The Center for Christian/Community Service seeks to support the University in fulfilling its Mission and Purpose by providing experiences for students that:  

  1. Promote the development of the Christian worldview as it impacts upon lifestyles, decision making, personal integrity, and social responsibility.
  2. Develop a sense of responsibility to mankind which entails selfless service, and active and clear communication of the Christian faith.
  3. Offer opportunities for students to explore and practice ways in which they may glorify God and advance the cause of Christ through their chosen careers.
  4. Provide avenues to explore ways of displaying Christian commitment and virtue through local churches, or social, civic, athletic, artistic, and scholastic organizations which are compatible with the University's overall mission.