Rawlings School of Divinity

There are two IRB applications. The general IRB application is complex and includes procedures that are not utilized in School of Divinity research. The School of Divinity IRB application is shorter, simpler, and applicable to the types of studies conducted by School of Divinity students. School of Divinity students should select and utilize the seminary IRB application.

School of Divinity IRB Application and Templates

To assist School of Divinity students as they fill out their IRB applications, the IRB has created two complete, sample research applications and supporting documents. Both are included in the below link.

Sample School of Divinity Applications 

Gaining permission from churches or other necessary entities to conduct research at their facilities or functions and obtaining informed consent are two very different processes. Please review the below-linked page for more information.

Permission vs. Consent: Is There a Difference? Yes!

If a researcher plans to conduct a survey and his or her participants will be limited to LU students, faculty, and/or staff, the researcher will be required to use Qualtrics as the survey platform. Qualtrics information is included at the below link.