The Online Writing Center

Online Writing Center

MISSION STATEMENT: In support of the University mission, Liberty’s Online Writing Center (OWC) helps online students at any level of written English proficiency identify, understand, and improve their academic writing strengths and weaknesses.

To this end, the OWC offers synchronous and asynchronous tutoring by a wide variety of trained peer tutors with insider experience in the various degree programs offered by Liberty Online. Without editing, OWC tutors provide comprehensive written feedback on drafts with direct links to web resources and writing aids specific to each student’s writing needs OR speak with students via Skype to discuss projects at any stage of the writing process. Through the OWC, online students may also access a wide variety of resources—handouts, worksheets, and presentations—to research writing concerns and improve their academic writing skills.

  • Offline Assistance allows students to upload a Microsoft Word draft which will be reviewed by a trained tutor and returned with feedback.
  • Live assistance allows students to upload a draft and set an appointment with a tutor to discuss the draft using Yahoo, AOL, or Skype instant messenger services.

In order to receive assistance, students must submit a tutoring request as well as provide the professor's name, course name and number, and the section of the assignment when submitting a new form. Students will need to use their Liberty username and password to access the tutoring request form. Please save emails from the Online Writing Center for future reference.

Graded works or works already submitted to an instructor for a grade will not be reviewed unless the student's instructor contacts the Online Writing Center to verify permission to revise a paper. Once a term officially ends, papers which were due that term will not be reviewed. Tutors do not scan papers for plagiarism and cannot be held responsible if a student is accused of such. Students are held ultimately responsible for the final content and form of any assignments.

Please see our General Guidelines and Offline Assistance YouTube Tutorial for more information. View details on ALL of Liberty Online's writing assistance options.

Students, please note:

  • The Online Writing Center allows one submission per assignment. The Online Writing Center will not review any draft with comments from an instructor without express permission from the instructor.
  • Turnaround time for 10 pages or less is 48 hours and 72 hours for 11-20 pages. Add one day for each additional 10 pages.
  • Tutors will not review more than 20 pages (including reference page) during Weeks 7 and 8 of Terms B and D (our busiest time).
  • Theses and dissertations will not be reviewed for formatting issues. Only the first 20 pages of theses and dissertations will be reviewed.
  • A literature review for a thesis or dissertation is considered a separate document and may be submitted separately from the thesis or dissertation.
  • School of Education dissertations should be sent to Hannah Allison for review instead of the Online Writing Center.
  • Group projects must be submitted in individual portions. Students must only submit the portion which they have written, in keeping with the OWC's mission statement as given above.

Instructors, please note:

  • Instructors are expected to establish their own guidelines regarding student use of the OTS for any written midterm or final exams. OTS supervisors and tutors have no way of knowing whether a draft submitted for feedback is an exam assignment unless the student identifies it as such. If a student submits a draft that is identified as a midterm or final exam, tutors will only provide feedback on grammatical issues. Any draft submission not identified as an exam will automatically be reviewed for content, organization, style, formatting, and grammar.
  • The number of tutors is limited, so the Online Writing Center asks that instructors only recommend usage to students that need or want help and not require all students to use the service. Also, please do not offer extra credit to students for using the service.
  • Instructors may feel free to post a direct link to the Online Writing Center in their Blackboard courses, as well as request that a student submit his or her tutor reviewed draft along with the final draft, should that student choose to use the OWC offline assistance option.

Problems connecting to the Online Tutoring Service?

  1. Try entering your entire email address as your username, including the part.
  2. Try clearing your browser's cookies and cache, closing your browser, then logging back in.
  3. Try switching browsers from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox or vice versa.
  4. If you are trying to access the site from another place of business or a business or school-owned laptop, there may be a firewall preventing your access, so speak with your IT personnel or log in from another location.
  5. If none of the methods above work, please contact Help Desk at 866-447-2869.
  6. SharePoint, the web program on which the tutoring service is based, works with Windows XP or later Windows software, and the latest Mac software. Any operating system older than Windows XP will not work with the OTS at all.

Please note the software and hardware requirements:

  • Windows XP or later OR Mac OSX or later
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or later
  • Skype (for live sessions)
  • Microphone and speakers (for live sessions)