What offices are involved in event support?

There are many offices that are involved in event support. Here is a list of a couple key groups to our event staff.

  • Event Production
  • LUPD (Liberty University Police Department)
  • Grounds and Maintenance
  • Sodexo Catering
  • Event Support & Material Movement
  • Electrical
  • Access Control


What are the locations that University Events schedules?

Some of our commonly used venues can be found on our Event Facility Webpage. For assistance with finding a locations that can accommodate your event better, please contact the Events Office. Our office manages all spaces on campus. 

Can I have the space I want?

University Events serves as the main portal through which locations campus-wide are reserved. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Please be aware that we require a minimum of 5 business days on all requests and customers will need to fill out the event request form. After the form is received, decisions are made with an eye toward availability, traffic control, appropriateness for the location, and priority use.

How can I find out if the space I’m interested in is available?

After a formal request has been submitted to the University Events Office, our office staff will contact you on availability of the requested locations.

How long does it take to process a room request?

Please be aware that the University Events Office requires a minimum of 5 business days on all requests. Events are scheduled in the order in which they are received. A request is confirmed once the customer has received a confirmation email stating confirmation of the request.

What set ups are available?

Set ups depend on your event location and the availability of our supporting event staff. Some of the set ups that may be available include audience style, conference style, and banquet style. Please list any special set-up needs on the event request form. Events Office Staff will work with customers to accommodate special set-up needs.

What is the university’s food policy?

Events requesting catering from Sodexo Catering should email catering@liberty.edu. If event would like to use an external caterer, please provide the University Events with the Vendor information.

Where do I go if I have special audio/visual requirements?

Please list out what audio/visual requests that will be needed in the University Event Request form. Whether Internal or External, supplies can be provided and rental fees may be applied to external groups and events.

What is parking like on campus and how do I request special parking?

Given the population of the University community, special parking arrangements must be made through the University Events Office. Please list out parking needs on the request form. Fees may apply.

Is university housing available when classes are not in session?

More information on housing may be found on the Housing webpage.



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