Event Production Policies

Equipment and Support Requests

  1. All equipment and support requests must be submitted via the Information Services HelpDesk ticket system. Advance notice of one week or more is preferred due to the limited availability of staff and equipment. As a minimal standard, work orders should be submitted 48 hours prior to the time when setup will begin, not including weekends; no equipment will be set up without such notice. In the case of special events, Technical Production will provide all services within the capacity of the department at the time of the request.
  2. All items requested for a specific event must be entered into the event ticket. Technical Production reserves the right to deny change orders submitted within 48 hours of a scheduled event.
  3. If equipment requested exceeds the need of the event or venue, Technical Production reserves the right to make changes to items requested or deny service based on the situation.
  4. Appeals concerning denials of support should be directed to the Director of Technical Production

Use of Equipment

No equipment may be used at any event that is not stated in the ticket system. If equipment is used outside of the parameters of intended and stated use, Technical Production reserves the right to take action appropriate to protect the interests of the University.

Use of Automated Academic Classrooms


Automated audio systems are permanently installed in the classrooms listed below. They may be operated without the assistance of a member of the Technical Production staff.

DeMoss Hall
  • 1090
  • 1101
  • 1104
  • 1113/1114*
  • Towns Alumni Auditorium
  1. Wireless microphones in automated classrooms are intended for vocal reproduction only. They are not to be used for instrument reproduction.
  2. When an event requires more microphones than an automated classroom can provide and/or requires instrument connections, the event should be scheduled in one of the rooms labeled with an asterisk (*). Meeting these requests will require Technical Production to deploy additional hardware and run the system during the event.
  3. Due to the limitations of automated systems, Technical Production reserves the right to modify the equipment order or ask that an event be moved to a room more suited for the activity designated.
  4.  Misuse of automated systems will be reported to the Provost and Chief Information Officer, or their respective delegates, as circumstances may warrant.

Loss or Damage

Departments borrowing equipment are responsible to return it in good working order. In the case that equipment is lost or damaged, Technical Production will notify all parties involved and recover losses from the borrowing department.

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