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Military Tuition Assistance Updates - FY 2014

Branch Specific Updates:

Air Force: (effective 1 October 2013)

The Air Force has only a few changes effective 1 October 2013:

  • Guard and Reserve must be “activated” (on Title 10 orders) to receive TA.
  • Reserve TA will now be paid directly to the University and will not be a “Reimbursement” TA.
  • Students will need to have an Official (signed) Degree Completion Plan (DCP) in their student file with the Air Force within the first 15 credit hours.

Army: (effective 1 January 2014)

The Army has officially announced changes to its FY14 TA policy that will go effective 1 January 2014. There are six significant changes to the TA policy:

  1. Soldiers will only be eligible for up to 16 semester hours of TA funded courses each fiscal year.
  2. To be TA eligible, a Soldier must have one year of service after completion of either AIT, OCS or BOLC.
  3. After completing a Bachelor's degree, a Soldier must have 10 years of service from his or her BASD or PEBD to receive TA toward a Master’s degree. There is no restriction going from Associate’s to Bachelor’s level.
  4. Soldiers cannot receive TA toward a second degree at the same level (i.e. no second Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees).
  5. GoArmyEd will not be able to fund any courses for the completion of a professional degree (i.e. PhD, MD or JD).
  6. The policy not allowing Soldiers flagged for APFT and Height/Weight will be fully enforced.

All Soldiers, counselors and school POCs will receive an email from GoArmyEd advising them of the policy changes. Liberty University has received this notification. GoArmyEd says they will be posting FAQs to assist in answering questions about the new policies.  Liberty University will be also be available to assist you.

Coast Guard: (effective 19 November 2013)

  • Coast Guardsmen and reservists on long term orders greater than 180 days will be eligible for tuition assistance for undergraduate courses.
  • Coast Guard funding 75% of the tuition cost not to exceed $187.50 per credit hour.
  • Benefits will not be extended to civilian employees, Coast Guard Reservists in a drilling status, and those active duty Coast Guardsmen pursuing a graduate degree or a degree at the same level that they already possess.
  • TA will only pay for one undergraduate degree.
  • Annual cap for Coast Guard share of Tuition Assistance is $2,250.00.
  • 12 credit hours per Fiscal Year.
  • TA is available to members seeking their first associate and/or bachelor degree.
  • Additional eligibility constraints listed below:
    • Member must be on Active Duty or a Reservist on long-term orders greater than 180 days.
    • Members are limited to six credit hours per fiscal quarter. Credit hours are counted from course start dates.
    • Members must meet all of the additional following criteria:
      • Satisfactory progress toward completion of unit qualifications
      • Satisfactory progress toward watch station qualifications
      • Satisfactory proficiency of craft; and
      • Satisfactory conduct during the six months prior

Navy: (effective 1 October 2013)

There are no changes to the requirements for eligibility at this time for FY14. For FY15, the Navy may change to the same 75/25 split that the Coast Guard is using.  There are however, some funding changes:

  • TA benefits have gone to a 16 credit hour Fiscal Year cap
  • Fiscal Year Cap is now  $4000

Marine Corps: (effective 1 October 2013)

Eligibility Requirement Changes:

  • First time Active Duty TA applicants shall have a minimum time in service of 24 months.
  • TA shall be authorized for first-time TA applicants for only one course, unless documentation is provided that the Marine has at least an Associate's Degree or at least sixty (60) academic credits and a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • TA shall not be authorized for classes that begin prior to the conclusion of a previously approved course.
  • TA funds for approved involuntary withdrawal waivers and failed courses will count toward the individual fiscal year ceilings.
  • TA shall be authorized for only one course in the succeeding academic term in the event that, (1) overall GPA falls below 2.5, (2) A "D" is received in any course during the previous term, or (3) a voluntary withdrawal occurs from any courses that occurred during the previous term.
  • TA shall not be authorized for duplicate degrees (E.G., second associate degree) or double majors.
  • Open issues in Marine TA accounts, including incomplete courses, reimbursement issues, and waivers, must be resolved and posted to the student record prior to approval of future TA requests.
  • Prior to ta approval, first-time ta applicants shall complete the Marine Corps Institute Personal Financial Management (Course Id 3420g).
  • TA shall not be approved retroactively.  TA applications must be submitted and command approved prior to the requested course start date.
  • Course work with a start date between 15 and 30 September 2014 must be command approved by 12 September 2014.
  • In addition to the requirements for officers in reference a, reserve component officers on active duty orders/mobilization must have an end of active duty status (EAS) date of two years beyond the completion date of the requested class in order to be approved for TA.
  • Enlisted marines must have an EAS of 60 days beyond the completion date of the course in order to be approved for TA.

TA Funding Management:

  • As of 1 October 2013, the Marine Corps TA funding budget will be divided into fiscal quarters.  Once quarterly funds are exhausted, TA approvals will be deferred until the following quarter.   When TA funds are available, approvals will be contingent upon the Marine meeting all eligibility requirements and will be limited to classes that begin during that quarter.  For example, a class that begins on 15 January 2014 will not be approved for TA until 1 January 2014 and will be funded with available fy14 second quarter funds.  TA requests can only be submitted within 30 days of the start date of the class.

Updated 4 December 2013