Transient Request - Pre-Approval For Transferable Courses

As a current student, submit an online transient request form when you wish to have pre-approval to take a course at another institution that will equate to a Liberty University course.  If you encounter issues submitting the online transient request form, please complete our hardcopy transient request form and then email it to There is no need to submit this form if your course is listed in one of the LU Transfer Equivalency Guides.


Transient Request Form
Please review the guidelines below before using this form.

  1. If your course is found in the LU Transfer Equivalency Guides, there is no need to submit a transient request form.

  2. Transient requests are available to current Liberty University students only.  Prospective students should request an Unofficial Transfer Consultation (UTC) or call 434-592-5551 to speak with a transfer credential evaluator.

  3. Courses must at least meet this criteria:

  • Credit that is awarded for course(s) taken at another institution must equate to at least 2/3 of the credit of the LU course.

  • Course content must be comparable.

  • In order to receive credit for the course, students must complete the course with a C or better and have the official transcript sent to Liberty University for transfer evaluation.

  • Further explanation of this criteria can be found on the Liberty University Transfer Policy Page.

Special Notes

  • Forms that do not appear on the web must be obtained from the Registrar's Office or your Academic Advisor.

  • Many forms apply only to residential programs and not the online learning program, and vice versa.

  • All forms must be completed and processed according to the guidelines in the 2014-2015 Academic Policy Handbook and the University Catalog in order to be considered official.

  • School of Engineering and Computational Sciences (SECS) majors desiring a transient request must use this form: SECS Transient Request 

  • Please call (434) 592-5100 if you need additional information.